Fast Company, pp. We all know about them or have tinkered with an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, but the fact is that the technology giant Apple did not take off easily. There are no Apple stores in Cairo, in Kenya or in Johannesburg. Goleman, D. (2000). Democratic leadership techniques play an important role in creation of job satisfaction because a sense of participation and control is within the style of democratic leadership. Think of it. Democratic leaders build consensus through participation. My beat is to find “the next Mo Ibrahims”–emerging entrepreneurs re-defining entrepreneurship in Africa. Late Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple (still the face of Apple), was the exemplar of this style of leadership. My pulse on BRICS, emerging entrepreneurs and global leadership, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, rapidly emerging consumer class in Africa, In an interview on Public Radio The World. Tim Cook’s describes his conversation with Steve, “He [Steve] says, ‘You make all the decisions… You mean that if I [Tim Cook] review an ad and I like it, it should just run without your okay”’ And he laughed and said, ‘Well, I hope you’d at last ask me!’” (Schlender & Tetzeil, 2015, p. 82), Most importantly Steve’s pacesetting leadership style he coached his team to make sure they do not just copy and ask “’What would Steve do?’, He abhorred the way the Disney culsture stagnated after Walter Disney’s death, and he was determeed for that not to happen at Apple.’” Said Tim Cook. In contrast to Apple founder and late CEO Steve Jobs highly autocratic leadership style, Tim Cook exercises and promotes democratic leadership. I mean, you can point to every member of that team and say, ‘Okay, he earned his pay, he earned his pay.’ There’s no weakness in that team.” (Tetzeil, 2015, p. 74)  Steve chose a team that had passion and work ethics similar to himself but talents that he did not have. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You may opt-out by. ( Log Out /  79-82. In conclusion Steve Jobs show all six leadership traits outlined by Goleman but showing any one behavior when needed. During Steve’s time at Pixar he learnt to become open to the talent of others and to be inspired by their talents “…but he also inspired them to do amazing things he know he couldn’t do himself” said John Lasseter, they director of Toy Story and The Incredibles. As Steve’s time as CEO evolved he used less of the top of the following list and more of the leadership skills down the list: Every leader should try to evolve the company culture so they that move down that list of leadership styles to finally position of coaching. He pushed the envelope of Internet communication, social media and networking, as no one had ever done before him. A designer. Participation from employees during the process of decision making can result into an innovation and creative solution to addressing problems hence serving the organization better. Dans les mois qui suivirent la publication de ma biographie de Steve Jobs (publiée en français en oc­tobre 2011, NDLR), d’innombrables commentateurs essayèrent d’en tirer des leçons de management. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Apple’s Biggest Competitors remains to be the Microsoft Corporation. If I were in charge, I might partially change the leadership styles to a diverse way of functioning such as bringing in democratic style into the company. IBM was Apple's stiffest competition, and they began to surpass Apple sales. The man who changed industries, redefined business models, fused technology and art. For Cook, it is important to build consensus among senior management regarding strategic decisions for the business. Just to be clear. (Goleman, 2000) This is exactly what happened to Steve Jobs. Nicole Kekeh is a contributor to ForbesWoman World With A View, a blog on global women, business and culture, and to ForbesWoman. During hi early career when first forming Apple he showed the coercive style which as Goleman outlines is used in a crisis time when sales and profits are falling but also has the of creating a reign of terror and can get the CEO fired. As President Obama and Russian President Medvedev said, Jobs has “changed the world.”. ( Log Out /  I have often thought of how fantastic it would be to walk into an Apple store in Cairo, Cape Town, Jo’Burg or Nairobi and to get helped by an “Apple genius” from Kibera or Soweto. (Tetzeil, 2015), Steve Jobs had a coercisve style of leadership when he was CEO of Apple the first time round. At Apple stores in New York and Washington, I have been helped by legally-blind Apple staff, through every step of a purchase, from selecting the product I was interested in to scanning the bar code and forwarding the invoice to my mail inbox. One of the most important American leaders of his generation. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The greatest businessman of the century. That’s what fed the perfection of iPod, iPhone, and iPad…” (Tetzeil, 2015, p. 76), After Steve was diagnosed with cancer he exhibited they coaching leaders develop people for the future style. “Jobs did have a genius for synthesizing what Apple learned as its product line expanded. He had matured and as he grew more confident he allowed himself to be surrounded by strong, opinionated executives who felt comfortable to argue with him. Bill Gates said, “That is a really crash team that bounded with each other in toughness. There is one thing, though, that Steve Jobs did not have a chance to do: to oversee the opening of an Apple Store in Africa––at least, based on Apple’s own list of its stores worldwide. Change ), Module 2 Discussion 1: Heroic vs Shared Leadership, used by La Trobe University – case study, Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) explained. Jobs leveled the playing field in the media industry. Instead of simply continuing the legacy of Jobs' autocratic leadership style, Cook has played to his strengths and placed emphasis on advancing cooperation among Apple's arsenal of talent. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Even before the iPhone and the iPad, Jobs freed graphic designers, editors, film-makers from the shackles of pre- and post-production, by adding new tools to their trade. ( Log Out /  Schlender, B., & Tetzeil, R. (2015, April). This is where employees knew that perfection was important when working in Apple. For further information, visit: or write to us:, I am excited by new beginnings, BRICS and beyond, South Africa as BRICS. (Schlender & Tetzeil, 2015, p. 82). Although Bill Gates’ Leadership style was democratic and participative, Steve Jobs was autocratic and efficient in a way. His work is a demonstration of both innovation and creativity. Fast Company, pp. Whatever the technology, voice-recognition, screen-touch, disabled people were counted in at Apple, trained and assisted, to perform. The man who redefined the Digital Age. He was the drive behind many start-ups, including his own. Any visitor to any city in Africa would have had a chance to see a range of Apple devices, from iPods to iPhones to iPads and Macs, all purchased in London, New York or Dubai. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Its commitment to diversity. How revolutionary. [University], so we could tain and educate the next generation of leaders by teaching them all we had been through, and how we had made the terrible decisions we made and also how we made the really good ones.” Said Tim Cook (Schlender & Tetzeil, 2015, p. 80), Steve also showed pacesetting leadership expecting excellence and self-direction from Tim Cook. That does not mean that there are no Apple products in Africa. He was firm on having his ideas implemented at Apple and seemed determined to show his power (Howell, 2013). Once I pressed a young woman, who must have been legally-blind and was assisted by her dog, on what technology made it possible for her to perform so effectively.

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