Lilian Voss should become the next leader of the forsaken, so she can tropily become the very thing of which she swore to destroy. Ever since Calia Menethil appeared in Battle for Azeroth with her new model, players have wondered if she would eventually lead the Forsaken. (Also, Calia's model is pretty dope either way). Lilian: My lady. With Calia leading the Forsaken, just you watch. With her recent reappearance on the Shadowlands alpha, we review her role in Battle for Azeroth and speculate what her position could be moving forward. Derek and Calia must go home. It will be hard for them--and for me. Calia is the antitheses of Forsaken aesthetics. She’s not too forward about her plan — just that it “could be  abig step… or all go horribly wrong.” She asks you to meet her at the Bulwark in Tirisfal Glades, and doesn’t say much more. For others, such as the Night Elf sentinels, she is a beacon of hope that can guide them through the unseats transition along with Lilian and Derek. If not for Baine Bloodhoof's courageous act of defiance, Derek would have been turned into a weapon against my family. Personally, I’m starting to love the idea of a council. Uh, Calia and Derek leading the forsaken...? The War Campaign is officially ending in patch 8.2.5…, A Resignation and Reflection: My watch has ended,…, Blizzard releases notes for patch 8.2.5, featuring…, Pirate Day walks the plank into World of Warcraft…, Blizzard has improved the Azerite progression…, Dire Maul arrives in WoW Classic next week, but the…. After Patch 8.1.5, it was strongly hinted that Jaina was taking Derek to meet Calia… No experience, she is even look pretty alive than 99% of Forsakens. What Do Blizzard's Recent Changes Mean for the Future of WoW Classic? Blizzard can't be that stupid.... Can they? Shadowlands Beta - New Bolvar Quest A new quest has appeared on the Shadowlands Beta in Oribos involving Bolvar. I believe Calia Menethil can help many who are lost. However, she does have another line of dialog datamined, but there’s no telling why it’s not currently part of the in-game exchange. When you find Bolvar, you see that his daughter Talia and Calia Menethil have somehow made it to Oribos. By accepting you agree to our privacy policy. Key characters include Jaina Proudmoore, Calia Menethil… Calia is dressed like she works at a strip club in heaven. The meeting and quest are brief (and likely unfinished), and you can read the entirety of the exchange below. She’s the best situated for it in my opinion. She's not overly hostile or immoral like Sylvanas but she still looks and acts like a traditional Undead. NEXT | As an Alliance player i can confirm No one likes this idea.. and i find it sad horde cant stick to their own crap. Calia: Thank you for coming, Jaina. Calia Menethil in the Shadowlands Intro Quest At the start of the Shadowlands introduction questline, we see Calia standing by other Horde leaders in Icecrown Citadel like Lor'themar, Rokhan, and First Arcanist Thalyssra. Disable ads, get exclusive content, and more! My hunch is that, after Derek says he knows the pain the undead suffer, Calia has a response that is either not complete or (more likely) being hidden for the time being. I didn't read the book. I don't wanna see the Forsaken have their sinister and edgy theme diluted. Lor'themar Theron: ...the peace remains tenuous. Calia: Ah, Jaina. The sooner Steve gets "reassigned" the sooner this story can be repaired. This seems like some Alliance players and Horde players who were Alliance players want lol. I gave up my claim to the throne long ago. Stop trying to push her to the Horde... She is a Alliance problem deal with it without *#&$¨ the Horde even more cause of reasons. Valeera: Understood. Obwohl es wilde Spekulationen gab, dass Calia schnell den Platz von Sylvanas als Anführerin der Verlassenen einnehmen würde, dreht sich der tatsächliche Dialog in 8.2.5 darum, wie nah sich Calia und Derek gekommen sind. Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you. Is this her first appearance in game? For Horde players, Lilian Voss offers a quest to see this dialogue by eavesdropping. Blizzard Watch uses minimal cookies to improve your experience and is in full compliance with the GDPR. But what it didn’t touch on were some of the smaller, more minute details that would be awaiting us. Please note, however, that it appears a line has been cut toward the end. I love her model and I hope to see some more Lightbound races in the future! Blizzard Watch is a safe space for all readers. I do not blame him for what happened. Many of the Forsaken are former citizens of Lordaeron and she was their Princess. For others, such as the Night Elf sentinels, she is a beacon of hope that can guide them through the unseats transition along with Lilian and Derek.It also gives the Forsaken an opportunity to stop being the villains all the damn time. Sylvanas is too ingrained in Forsaken identity for anyone else to lead the Forsaken. What you need to take your D&D game from online to in-person. What's her backstory? I have decided to leave Kul Tiras. I really hope not. By leaving comments on this site you agree to follow our  commenting and community guidelines. All in all, it’s an interesting — and surprisingly quick — step forward for the future of the Forsaken. What you need to take your D&D game from online to in-person. I am Lilian Voss. It starts off with Derek Proudemoore and Calia Menethil together, awaiting Lilian’s arrival. Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch Notes (Updated November 12), Join the Welcome Back Weekend November 5–8, Upcoming Australian Dollar (AUD) Price Changes for World of Warcraft Subscriptions, Game Time, and WoW Tokens, Hamstring Reduces the Proc Rate of Nightfall in 2020, Shadowlands Preview: Cleanse the Scourge in the Shadowlands Pre-Launch Event, Survival Hunter in Shadowlands - DPS Strengths, Best Covenants, Soulbinds and Legendaries, Today in WoW Icecrown Rares Update - Now Shows Next Skadi Spawn for the Blue Proto-Drake Mount, Massive Ban Wave on Classic WoW - Possibly Terrain Exploitation Related, Shadowlands Beta Class and Spell Changes November 12th - Pelagos Nerf, Conduit Tuning, Mistweaver Monk in Shadowlands - Healing Strengths, Best Covenants, Soulbinds and Legendaries. Given there’s no follow-up whatsoever, I can only imagine we’re going to get more as the PTR progresses. Didn't Steve Danuser claim in a lore interview that she wouldn't lead the Forsaken? Of course Blizz could change their mind about that, but I'd welcome seeing her struggle with taking responsibility as the technical Queen of Lordaeron and trying to be her own undead.I thinnnk I've read some division between Forsaken fans about having a holy shmolly undead lead a generally neutral evil faction (and yes there are some straight good-aligned forsaken). King Anduin has spoken highly of you, and I know he bears guilt over what befell you in the Arathi Highlands. She is truly want to help her people. This article contains spoilers. If calia becomes candidates herself for the next queen of the forsaken then i will vote for her. What Do Blizzard's Recent Changes Mean for the Future of WoW Classic? Lilian: That meeting went exactly as I'd hoped. But this is still pretty nice. Spoiler alert: Stop reading here if you don’t want to see spoilers for patch 8.3. Okay, the lightforged undead thing still makes no sense. © 2020 On Click Creative, LLC. Frost Mage in Shadowlands - DPS Strengths, Best Covenants, Soulbinds and Legendaries, November 12th Update to Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch Notes - Live on November 17th, Seasonal Reset Coming with Shadowlands - Titan Residuum and Honor to Silver, Rextroy on Using Death Knight Minions to One-Shot Enemy Teams - Now Hotfixed, Watch 8.2.5 LAUNCH DAY! As a result, I was pretty surprised to log into the PTR and see that Lilian Voss had a quest for me regarding the future of the Forsaken. What transpires next is a major step in the future of the Forsaken, and one which features some big names in the world of the undead. It’s a bit too hard to tell whom Blizzard is setting up to be the new leader just yet, but Lilian and Calia are definitely front runners. Tyranda clearly knew Calia before her turning and sundelly she (and the other leaders go on fight stance too...) goes "all out" on her just for her talking to her? When you encounter Lilian Voss on the Banshee’s Wail, she has a quest with the end goal of helping the Forsaken regaining the trust of the Horde. I hope they try to make her the leader just to hasten Steven Danuser getting fired and all his trash getting retconned. But what becomes even more surprising is the arrival of Delaryn Summermoon, Kitala Starshadow, and a couple of Dark Rangers — all Elves turned Undead at one point or another. as a horde player (specifically undead) i sure as $%^& hope not. What do you think this all means for the Forsaken? They talk about their various connections and what drives them as undead. | THE WAR ENDS TODAY! Make Lilian Voss the leader. I just realized something... Calia and Derek seem to be getting along quite well. Calia: Lady Menethil is fine. If as a Horde player, you walk through Lilian's story, you feel her pain and her acceptance of herself later. She’s the best situated for it in my opinion. However, she then has another quest for you, which is to seek out Calia Menethil and her brother, Derek Proudmoore. Calia is like a Barbie doll, empty inside.

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