Take advantage of our bulk produce deals on everything from cos lettuce, zesty lemons, garlic and ripe tomatoes. Our 100% natural and organic fruits and vegetables are frozen fresh to offer delicious flavor, superb texture, outstanding color, and uniformity in size for all of your food ingredient needs. If you would like to order healthy fruit and vegetables please click here. Dried fruit is fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed either naturally, through sun drying. We have made a whole cornucopia of wholesale dried fruits available to you - apples, bananas, cantaloupe, cherries, blueberries, papaya, figs, dates, mango, kiwi, guava, and the list goes on. USA Produce Family in the culinary industry, Fruit and Vegetable delivery Northern Virginia, produce company delivery in Northern Virginia, USA Produce delivery Northern Virginia (VA). And if the dried fruit itself isn't enough, we also offer some of these delicious fruits covered in chocolate. Buy Dry Fruits Online from The Spice Market, you can get Wholesale Price with Good Quality. Order online for delivery direct to your doorstep. Read More; Vegetables. At USA Produce company we pride ourselves on delivering an extensive variety of high quality fruits to the customer exactly when and where they want it. contact@usa-produce.com, Extensive variety of high quality produce, We care about our customers’ satisfaction. Washington DC, 20002 Click here if you want to check the list of our fruits. We Ship all Over India. At USA Produce we go to enormous lengths to find and deliver the best, freshest fruits, vegetables and dairy produce. Dried green onions / Dried scallions / Dried chives. Since 1989 the USA Produce company has been one of the leading family owned companies in the wholesale business, providing fruits, vegetables and pre-cut items to the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Chances are we can help. Click here if you want to check the list of our fruits. If you are looking for something hard to find or specifically formulated for your business, please contact us. Quality, on-time delivery and supply of fresh produce for your business. Choose from the product listings below for more information on high quality, 100% natural fruits and vegetables. California. : Our bulk fruit and veg options are ideal for juicing too. E-mail: : +1 (202) 543-4866 Email: contact@usa-produce.com, TEL. : +1 (703) 450-9532 Warehouse Tel. At USA Produce company we are passionate that the vegetables we sell are always of the best quality. We have valiantly sought after the highest-quality dried fruit wholesale and have succeeded in supplying it while maintaining freshness and bargain pricing. 92231. Our unparalleled quality, broad selection, and reliable service have made Del Carmen a preferred supplier of frozen fruits and vegetable ingredients from Mexico to Canada. Whatever your need for frozen fruits, vegetables, purees or custom blends — in traditional, organic or kosher certifications — Del Carmen Foods has the proven resources to meet those needs completely. Filter by These dried morsels retain the nutritional value of their former fresh selves and in turn allow you to enjoy a healthy and nutritious snack all year round. Wholesale fruits and vegetables for restaurants and food service operations. Want to buy wholesale dried fruit online? For the most competitive prices and a huge range of wholesale products, try Harris Farm Markets Online. So, while we wait expectantly for spring to usher in the arrival of summer and all of its succulent fruits, we can take heart in the fact that Weaver Nut Company distributes the fruits of summer all year long. Warehouse Tel. Wholesale Frozen Fruits, Vegetables, Tropicals and Exotics . USA Produce Company delivers to a wide network of  restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, caterers, offices, schools and education centres in Virginia area. BUY NOW WHOLESALE TOMATOES BUY NOW WHOLESALE APPLES BUY NOW WHOLESALE POMEGRANATE BUY NOW WHOLESALE GRAPPES BUY NOW WHOLESALE POTATOES 100% ORGANIC CUPIT FOOD WHOLESALE FOOD SUPPLIER Fruits and Vegetables As Cupit Food Company, which has undertaken the distribution and procurement phases to sell fruits and vegetables at the international level, we meet the need for all kinds of fruits … Office Tel. Welcome to the USA Produce Company´s website! We pride ourselves on delivering an extensive variety of high quality produce to the customer exactly when and where they want … more. Our number one goal is our customers’ satisfaction. 2310 Martin Luther King Ave. Calexico. +1 (202) 543-4866 Click here if you want to read the list of our other products: Frozen produce, Dry produce, Dairy products, Fresh Juices, etc. Check out our vast selection. 1302 5th Street NE Fruits. Our dried fruits have been plucked at the height of their sweetness and juiciness and preserved perfectly by dehydrating. Stock up and save on fruit and veg! : Office (24/7): (703) 450 9532 Warehouse (9PM – 8AM): (202) 543 4866 EMAIL: contact@usa-produce.com ADDRESS: 1302 5th Street NE Washington DC, 20002. While many of us cling ferociously to the last vestments of summer as it fades into fall, we can all take comfort knowing that the best way to preserve the delicious fruits of summer happens to be our specialty: dried fruits. If you would like to order healthy fruit and vegetables for your business click here. Northern Virginia VA: Alexandria … more. USA Produce Company delivers to a wide network of  restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, offices, schools and education centres in Washington DC, Virginia VA and Maryland MD areas. Bulk Fruit & Veg . Dried Figs, Almond, Cashew Nuts, Macadamia, Peanut, Sunflower Seeds, Dry Grapes. Weaver Nut has the best pricing on all of your wholesale dried fruits. There is no reason to be content with insipid and expensive fruit in the off-season.

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