In 2014 he oversaw the release of LaCroix’s first major spinoff, Cúrate, which was packaged in taller, slimmer cans and featured flavors like “cerise limón” and “pomme bayá.”, The brand relied on Instagram, Twitter, and recipe blogs instead of traditional advertising. They need us more than we need them.“. The consensus among our group of tasters was the berry/coffee version tasted uncannily like a cherry Tootsie Pop. With National Beverage’s resurgence, some employees began to feel that the celebration of LaCroix, at least internally, had become more like worshipping in the Cult of Caporella. Rating: 7, Tropical Cherry from Simply Balanced isn’t as cherry as one would like and the lime takes away from the cherry flavor. The grapefruit flavor itself isn't very strong. His company is seeking to compete primarily on flavor. The Lemon Bubly is the best- the flavor is so much fuller than LaCroix, which I liked but never felt very satisfied with. It’s not too candy-like, but it isn’t too boring either. LaCroix’s regular lime flavor is … One of the pilots claimed that Caporella slapped him in the face and subjected him to “angry tirades,” and that after complaining about it he was told by Caporella and others that he’d have to write a “letter of apology” to retain his job, according to the lawsuit. Flavored water brand Lacroix might have transformed bubbly, sugar and sweetener-free liquids into a … The beverage gives PepsiCo a key opportunity to cash in on sparkling water's growing popularity — especially among millennials — as soda sales slump. Although the name might call to mind a particular ’80s band (or Oprah Winfrey, or among health-care wonks, the American Hospital Association), the in-your-face branding is apropos, according to the colleagues we rounded up to taste the new products. For some people, the bitterness will be a turnoff, but for grapefruit enthusiasts, they will gladly welcome the sour taste. Rating: 9, Passionfruit is a highly underrated flavor (not as underrated as guava, which should totally be a more popular flavor) and LaCroix offers a passionfruit-flavored seltzer water. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Copyright © 2008-2020 BroBible. In 2010 the company’s annual report described Shasta and Faygo as its “flagship brands” and barely mentioned LaCroix. It falls in the uncanny valley between adorable and trying a little bit too hard — you can imagine the endless rounds of focus group testing as creators tried to calibrate the exact level of twee. Here are the best and worst seltzer water brands and flavors. ▲ Last year, PepsiCo Inc. released Bubly, a sparkling water backed by a marketing arsenal that LaCroix has struggled to match. A number of former employees, executives, and business associates agreed to speak about him only on condition of anonymity, citing fear of retribution. Prices for an 8-pack start at $3.39. Some of the subtler notes were lost in the rowdy din: The ginger in the apple variety was hard to make out, and the honey flavor got shouted down by its peach partner. The Lemon Bubly is the best- the flavor is so much fuller than LaCroix, which I liked but never felt very satisfied with. The market-dominating brand’s reputation and financials have taken a hit, too, as a string of lawsuits against the company and its owner generated headlines. Each can brought to mind a familiar candy, whether it was a watermelon Jolly Rancher or a gummy peach ring.

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