RESULTS: Men`s British Finals 2020 2Bros / Npc. The Executive Committee members came to the conclusion that it is still too unsafe to hold a UKBFF competition in a way that will secure the health and safety of our athletes. Built by The Vision UK - Powered by Squarespace, UKBFF Ltd, Liverpool, England, L22 9WW, United Kingdom. Devastatingly, Alisha Salih, 31, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer when she was 29 weeks pregnant. And if any of the UKBFF athletes, who placed in top 6 in the British or Sugar’s Classic would like to compete in the Arnold Classic in Spain in December 2020, they will have the UKBFF permission to do so. After training for months, Alisha took the stage at the ICN Muscle and Model Championships last weekend, earning herself two medals. IF YOU WANT TO COMPETE IN 2020, THE ARNOLD CLASSIC EUROPE IN DECEMBER IN SPAIN IS STILL ON AND OPEN TO UKBFF ATHLETES WITH INVITES OF LAST YEARS UK NATIONALS, ENGLISH GRAND PRIX AND FOR TOP 6 OF THE 2019 BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS AND SUGAR’S CLASSIC, AND THERE ARE OTHER IFBB EVENTS IN SPAIN, MALTA, FINLAND AND CZECH REPUBLIC, SEE THE IFBB WEBSITE WWW.IFBB.COM. The Hollywood dance performer and choreographer explains, "Bodybuilding/fitness competitions for me is about putting Remarkably, Alisha managed to go to the gym during this time which she credits to helping her feel better. The official ABA, INBA, and PNBA website. Students who ripped down Covid fence occupy uni in row over lockdown measures, Trump's prosecutor pal cleared for giving Jeffrey Epstein easy deal for child sex crimes, Pilot dead after gyrocopter crashes into field in Scottish Highlands. Please be advised that all invites which were given for 2020 IFBB International events at the 2019 British and Sugars Classic, will be valid for 2021 as well. IFBB Pro shows will take place and offer Olympia qualifications to the winners! Alisha still receives immunotherapy every three weeks which is designed to target her particular cancer and to try and keep the cancer cells asleep for as long as possible. Register to take part, read our competition rules etc If you can dream it you can achieve it.’. Though it has been a difficult time for Alisha and her family, she says it’s also helped her live her life to the fullest. The UKBFF have looked in to the situation and the way this corona virus has been keeping the whole world in great uncertainty. Follow. Set in the enormous Olympia, it’s one of the largest competitions set up by the founders. Adam-03/06/2020. STAY TUNED AND CHECK THIS PAGE FOR ANY NEWS! This means that we had to make a final decision and we all agreed that we will start the UKBFF events in 2021 and come back even stronger. Most Popular. ‘The main thing I wanted for myself was to step out on stage in a figure bodybuilding competition.’. We are all about the Athletes and UKUP is one of the fastest growing fitness Federations in the World! THE UKBFF IS BOOKING THE VENUES FOR OUR 2021 QUALIFYING EVENTS, BUT…………….. Two and a half weeks later, she had a c-section and with her newborn just 17 days old, Alisha had a CT scan that she was unable to have while carrying Isaac.

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