The sesame balls will expand and grow slightly at this higher oil temperature. Steam over high heat. Take the time to achieve 100% sesame seed coverage, with no bare spots. The oil should fill the pot about halfway. Vegetable or canola oils also work. Make into very small balls of 25g each. Place 1 ball of filling in the center of the dough, wrapping the dough around the ball. 2/3 tsp instant yeast. When glutinous rice flour meet  hot water, it becomes sticky, which can prevent breaks and cracks in the following steps. Japanese black sesame paste is often sweetened with sugar or honey and is popular as an ingredient in pastries and baked goods. This is when you will gently press them against the bottom or sides of the pot. Total Carbohydrate Your email address will not be published. If you prefer, you can use substitute with other fillings, e.g. If you don't have black sesame powder, you can make some yourself using black sesame and a spice grinder, food processor or blender. Love that I found your website. So please take care to keep stirring the paste until it dries up to be a firm paste. The pancakes are best eaten warm. They look perfect. Just dab a bit of water on the bun where you want to stick the eyes and nose, then stick the black dough on it. As with many fried treats, they’re best when they’re fresh. Cool down. Divide the dough into 13 equal portions (30 grams each dough). It is normally filled with red bean paste but I have filled mine with homemade black sesame paste so it's like a crispy tang yuan. Black Sesame Dumplings (Tang Yuan) – This recipe calls for a perfect dessert with sweet black sesame paste dumplings served in ginger syrup. Lightly fry 100 grams black sesame seeds on a saucepan for about 10 mins (I use low-medium heat) until I smell some slight fragrance from the seeds. Continue cooking for another 1-2 minutes after they float on surface. Don’t repeat my mistakes! Make sesame ball dough. After the filling is completely covered, gently press it all together to form a ball, rolling it between the palms of your hands until the seams disappear, and you form a uniform round ball. Transfer the ground seeds, sugar and butter into a pan over medium heat and stir until the mixture forms a thick paste. Pour the sesame seeds (raw or toasted are both okay) into a fine meshed strainer. Add the hot water and remaining 1/4 cup of sugar and the remaining 1 tbs oil during the grinding process to adjust sweetness, consistency, and smoothness to taste. How lovely to have your latest food updates to look forward to during these difficult COVID-19 days. Privacy Policy. 250 grams Hong Kong Flour. Made from rich, crunchy black sesame seeds and rock sugar, or from black sesame tahini and fine sugar for a more paste-like consistency, this desert filling is absolutely divine in the fluffy filled bun recipe. Your filling should be half the weight of your dough ball. Recipe. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat to medium low and cook for 13 minutes. The outer crust is now strong enough such that they should not burst, as long as you don’t have any weak or thin spots in the dough. Air fryers can also reheat them nicely. One night stay in Sofitel Sentosa, Easy Fruity No-Bake Mango (with Green Tea layer) Cheesecake, Healthy Meal – Chinese Popiah (Fresh Spring Roll) with Vietnamese Rice Paper. Use your kitchen scale to measure out 8 pieces of lotus or red bean paste that weigh 24g each. is written and produced for informational purposes only. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this recipe. To make black sesame paste, the unhulled sesame seeds are first toasted and then ground into a thick puree before sweetened with honey. Pound the 10 grams black sesame seeds using mortar and pestle, until it becomes fine grains. Use a small pair of scissors to make some small cuts on the back for the hedgehog spikes and place the hedgehog on a small piece of parchment paper or whatever you use to line the steamer. Divide lotus seed paste into 75g each. The amount of sugar should be guaranteed. (if you pressed your finger inside the dough, the dough’s hole will bounce back to almost normal). One of the Chinese desserts I absolutely love is tang yuan (汤圆) or sweet dumplings filled with black sesame paste or ground peanuts. 40g black sesame seeds Once done, transfer the finished sesame balls to a strainer, cooling rack or plate lined with paper towels for the oil to drain. Oh wow, these are my dad’s favorite! For the filling: Combine black sesame paste, peanut butter, salt and butter together. Too low a temperature and your sesame ball will soak up oil and taste greasy. Depending on how much filling you want to add to the pancakes (I normally like to add around 30-40g of the mixture on each pancake), you can store the remaining mixture in the freezer. To obtain accurate nutritional information for a recipe, use your preferred nutrition calculator to determine nutritional information with the actual ingredients and quantities used. Put the sweet rice flour into a mixing … (It’s important that the middle of the disc is slightly thicker to ensure a uniform thickness once the sesame ball is sealed.). (In case you wondered: wetting the dough ball and using dry sesame seeds does not work; the sesame seeds will fall off.). 10-Minute Sesame Noodles Recipe (Ma Jiang Mian), Tang Yuan (Sweet Rice Balls with Black Sesame Filling). Heat a pan with a small amount of oil under medium heat. Finally, add the oil to the mixture. Once the mixture is cool, divide the mixture into 3 portions. Mix with a spatula until it forms a dough, and all the flour has been incorporated. For each dough, first use your palm to flatten the dough, then use your fingers to stretched the sides of the dough, leaving the centre of the dough thicker than the sides. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Keep stirring until the paste dry up to form a firm paste. moisten the head with a bit of water and stick two black sesame seeds on it as eyes. Keep stirring. But personally I do not like this method because the temperature drops quickly especially in winter days. Set them aside on a plate, and cover them so they don’t dry out. I would have been “dead” in my local market in China without your guide to Chinese ingredients and recipes. © 2020 Healthier Food Recipes (for a Healthy You), Japanese Style Rare (No-bake) Raspberry Tofu Cheesecake, Super Soft & Fluffy Orange Cheese (with Cranberries) Cup Cakes, Why do PEACOCKS cross the road? I made it n turn out well. You *must* follow the recipe to make these not only successfully, but safely at home. Use your kitchen scale to measure out 8 pieces of lotus or red bean paste that weigh 24g each. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, except for a few desserts. It’s especially satisfying if you don’t live near any dim sum restaurants or Chinese bakeries. Roll the ball again in your hands to press the sesame seeds into the dough and place on parchment paper until they are ready to deep-fry. You could tee them up, hit them with your nine iron, and they would probably sail 100 yards! Deep Fried Sesame Balls and me go a long way back—to when I was a little kid. Flatten the dough ball until it is 3 inches in diameter – the middle should be slightly thicker. Crispy pancakes: Put the Hong Kong Flour, baking powder, yeast, caster sugar, grinned black sesame seeds into a clean bowl. Separate the sesame paste into 5 equal portions and roll into balls. Thanks to you all I could confidently know most of the things I bought with a few surprises along the way. 25 grams caster sugar. ). Refrigerate in an airtight container, and reheat in the toaster oven at 375°F for 7-8 minutes, or until the outside is crisp. Mix all the dough ingredients together except for the sesame powder and knead for 1 minute until a rough ball is formed. Toast the black and white sesame seeds in a pan over low heat until the white sesame seeds are golden. When I was making the Black sesame Paste, at the first stage of frying the seeds, I was careful not to burn it. Fry them for another 5 minutes, for a total of 17-18 minutes, or until they turn a light golden brown. Enjoy with tea, just like at the dim sum restaurant! You’ll fry the sesame balls at or just below 300°F until they heat up inside, expand slightly, and form a good crust (12 to 13 minutes). Depending upon the variety they are found in various colours like red, black, white. Instant (rapid-rise) yeast is recommended for this recipe. The sesame balls will expand and grow slightly at this higher oil temperature. During the first 5 to 10 minutes of frying, the sesame balls will begin to expand. Use a rolling pin to roll the ball into a 3" diameter rough circle. ¼ teaspoon salt Roll black sesame filling into ball, 8g each. I believe that was a mistake, but it has since been fixed! The rice ball is cooked when it floats to the surface of water. Combine 1/4 cup remaining sugar, sesame seeds, and 1 tbs peanut oil in a blender or masher. ? Keep kneading until it becomes a smooth and elastic dough (it took me about 20 -25 mins by hand). Cut the grey dough into 5 equal pieces, roll each piece into a ball. In order to delay the temperature dropping, you can add hotter water, which will make the dough too sticky to handle. Tap here to receive our FREE top 25 recipe book! ½ tsp if using active dry yeast (see note)½. whole milk or milk alternative of your choice. Subscribe to our email list and be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube! (Use a thermometer for accuracy, as achieving the right oil temperature is extremely important.) Red bean pancakes were among my favorite desserts as a kid. Thanks for the extremely thorough recipe and tips. But the directions only add up to 1 1/4 cups. In China, we once enjoyed a giant sesame ball! I simplified the method from use this method from fried. A properly made sesame ball should retain its round shape and even stay slightly crunchy after cooling. Healthier Food Recipes (for a Healthy You). Adding sugar, using boiling water (which makes the dough soft and allows it to stretch and expand during frying), and adopting other specific techniques solved those issues. Try our authentic, extensively tested recipe, and make them with either lotus or red bean paste. After many experiments with the dough, sesame seed adhesion, and deep frying times, we finally got it right. Home made black sesame powder is usually better and more fragrant. Method: Thank you so much for all of your blogs, videos, and fantastic recipes. At this stage, increase the heat to bring the oil temperature gradually up to 350°F. Separate the dough into two equal parts, cover one part with plastic wrap and mix the other part with sesame powder. red bean paste or mangoes and fresh cream to make mango pancakes. In a bowl, mix black sesame powder with salt and sugar. They are made with a sticky rice flour dough, filled with a sweet paste, rolled in sesame seeds, and fried until crispy on the outside, but still soft and chewy on the inside.

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