("Changelings"/"Wish You Were Here"/"Mother's Little Helper") Using the dark fairy dust she has collected, Fiona is eventually able to finish making the Dark Curse, which somehow ends up being guarded by the Chernabog in Bald Mountain, back in the Enchanted Forest. After that she joined Donnie Wahlberg and Neal McDonough in the short lived crime drama Boomtown, for which she received the Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress,[6] for her portrayal of Teresa, a paramedic. At that moment, Fiona realizes Rumplestiltskin is her abandoned son, and laughs at his anguish before explaining that she chose power over love. Emma and company check the clock tower and realize that Fiona is collecting all the Dark Fairy Dust to start the new Curse at 6 pm - right at the time of Emma and Hook's wedding. When learning that it's his old friend Roderick, he's convinced to betray the Black Fairy and help find a way to contact the Savior to kill her. She is portrayed by Jaime Murray. Gideon tries to stand up to her, but she instead takes a boy named Roderick, in a neighboring cell, and takes him away, leaving the cell door for Gideon purposely-unlocked; however, the Black Fairy, knowing that Gideon wouldn't be brave enough to do something about it, takes Roderick away and has him tortured. The show began airing in October 2008 but was cancelled by the end of the month. Regina attempts to attack with a fireball but the Black Fairy orders Gideon to stop Regina and he flings her back into a rock. Murray also made a guest appearances on the Fox series The Finder, where she played a drug co-ordinator. ", "Warehouse 13: Photos of Lindsay Wagner's Wild Date With Artie, Scoop on H.G. Fiona uses her control of a perplexed Gideon (having never returned his heart to his father in the first place) and makes her grandson find her wand in the shop for her. [1] She briefly studied philosophy and psychology at the London School of Economics, but dropped out to train at the Drama Centre London, where she graduated in 2000. As Mayor, her outfit closely resembles that of Regina when she was in charge in the first season. Belle French † (second daughter in-law) Gideon (grandson) Baelfire † (grandson) Henry Mills (great-grandson) Emma Swan (Henry's mother) Ella Mills (great-granddaughter-in-law) Lucy Mills (great-great-granddaughter). The Black Fairy's past is revealed as we learn the real reason she gave Rumple up. In mid-2008, Murray joined the cast of The CW's series Valentine, playing the lead character, Grace Valentine. The Blue Fairy is able to return Tiger Lily's heart, but Tiger Lily makes one last attempt to reason with Fiona by offering her the Shears of Destiny to remove her powers; however, Fiona instead uses them to cut her son's fate at the Savior, believing that she needs her powers to protect him. Cast Member She learns that the key into her secret vault, which contains various magic objects, has been stolen by Roderick, who has been put to work in the mines away from Gideon; in order to test his loyalty to her, she gives him a vial full of dark fairy dust and tells him to use it on the culprit. Latest appearance: She states that he of all people should know that there is always more to it, and uses her magic to show him the complete story, after which he realizes how similar the two of them are, having lost their children in exchange for more dark magic. Filled with rage, Zelena decides to kill the Black Fairy herself, and confronts her, along with a worried Regina, in the mines. Murray finished shooting Possessions in 2010 and soon thereafter began shooting The Rapture. She laughs before gaining an advantage over him and lifting him by the neck, telling him no more questions for today, and that he'd have to seek the answers by himself. Regina tries to intervene but the Black Fairy throws her back whilst Gideon holds a sword to Regina's neck. Black Fairy However, Fiona appears behind Hook and tells him that she's doing exactly what her son is doing - looking out for her family.Regina and Zelena conduct research together on how to stop Fiona's Curse and decide to freeze it in time completely until Gold, on his mother's instructions, steals the ingredients and uses the spell to immobilize them. ("Changelings"), When Belle and Rumplestiltskin have their son, Gideon, Belle has the Blue Fairy take him away to give him his best chance at a good life; however, the Black Fairy comes through a portal and kidnaps him. After severely wounding her rival, Fiona abducts Gideon and takes him back to her realm, where she teaches Gideon magic and raises him as her son. Annoyed, the fairy decides to call it off and leave. Finding that none have it, Fiona comes up with a new idea that requires being allowed into the sacred fairy vault, but Tiger Lily soon deduces that Fiona's plan involves combining two spells, which is against the rules, to create a curse - the Dark Curse - which will banish all of the children to a land without magic, eliminating the threat they pose to her son. Murray also appeared in the fifth and final season of Gotham as Nyssa al Ghul. Despite being trapped in her realm, she is briefly summoned by the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, who paralyzes her with squid ink before interrogating her about the infant son she abandoned. Gold eventually confronts Fiona about the past between the two of them, clutching the completed wand, and is rightfully angry about her abandoning him for more power. She made her television debut in 1999, on the UPN sitcom Grown Ups. He begins teasing her some about what she does, stealing children, and then has the pressing question of how she gave up her own. Under the Black Fairy's instruction, Gideon lies about his plan to kill the Savior and gain her powers in order to overthrow the Black Fairy; since she had his heart, she was able to force him to make attempts on the Savior's life.In the middle of a street right after Emma's return from the Wish World, Gideon confronts Emma with the sword Hrunting and tries to kill her, but is forced to escape. She then runs off. She then states that her death will only further enforce Emma's own. Milah † (daughter-in-law)Belle French † (second daughter in-law) Gideon (grandson) Baelfire † (grandson) Henry Mills (great-grandson) Emma Swan (Henry's mother) Ella Mills (great-granddaughter-in-law) Lucy Mills (great-great-granddaughter) [4], Lana studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles - California.[5]. She was also regular cast member in the fifth season of the ABC sitcom Spin City from 2000 to 2001. ("The Black Fairy"), The Black Fairy reveals herself to the heroes, alive and well, as Emma is preparing for her wedding day, directing them to the clock tower that is now imbued with dark fairy dust. In truth, however, he seems to be in league with Fiona, who tells him that Emma Swan will die on her wedding day, where Fiona unleashes a curse stronger than the Dark Curse. Fiona refused to accept her child's fate and tricked Tiger Lily into giving Fiona her wand, after which she conducted a spell to become a fairy herself, something which should have been impossible. During a dark winter, Fiona gives birth to their son, and shortly after, the Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily, the newborn's fairy godmother, visit to deliver a prophecy about the child's destiny to become the Savior and die fighting a great evil. Zelena, Regina and Emma later head to the pawn shop where they use the crystal to help Belle and Rumple restart the Blue Fairy's heart. As such, Henry breaks his arm. Emma decides to save her loved ones and give Fiona her heart to destroy. After giving birth to the child that would eventually become Rumplestiltskin, she met the Blue Fairy and her partner Tiger Lily, who was to be the child's fairy godmother and informed Fiona that he would grow up to be a Savior. ("The Final Battle, Part 2"). However, Rumple comes to her rescue; even still, the Black Fairy was able to enter Storybrooke through the portal made by Gideon, free at last from her banishment. Zelena, believing she has the upper hand, continues to zap the Black Fairy with a beam of green energy in an attempt to destroy her, but the fairy merely laughs and lifts herself up before walking towards Zelena and reflecting her magic back into the cave, contaminating all of the crystals and turning them dark. Show Information As such, she takes away the storybook from Henry and wishes for Emma to burn it to prove to Henry that the stories aren't real. Murray's first taste of stardom was miming the lyrics in the original video of Stretch & Vern's dance track "I'm Alive" (1996). Regina and the Black Fairy face off on the street where Regina is thrown back and is being worn down by Fiona's magic, until Zelena comes flying down the street in her new green car and careens into the Black Fairy, sending her tumbling across the street. Emma faces it down and swears to Hook that it doesn't matter where they end up, they're going to win.The Curse swallows everyone in darkness, reshaping Storybrooke and its inhabitants to her dark and twisted will. Afterwards, Fiona shows Gold photos of Belle traveling the world (which were fabricated) and reminds him that he needs to be the man his son wants him to be. https://femalevillains.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Fairy_(Once_Upon_a_Time)?oldid=192972. Cause of Death: She's worried that when Blue wakes up she'll reveal the Black Fairy's biggest secret: why she gave up her son. [7] Also in 2008, she starred in the CBS summer series Swingtown as Trina Decker, a woman who is part of a Swinging couple. Parrilla guest-starred in a number of television dramas, including JAG, Six Feet Under, Covert Affairs, Medium, The Defenders and Chase. She later encounters Emma and Snow White in the woods, where they have found several pixie dust flowers that bloomed due to the Black Fairy's evil presence. Gideon assumes him to be dead after this.On Gideon's 28th birthday, the Black Fairy invites him up to her chambers to tell him. [17] She is signed to Models 1 in London and has appeared in men's magazines such as GQ, Mayfair, and FHM, as well as women's magazines such as Hello!, Cosmopolitan, and OK!. Learning that the location is Granny's Diner, she appears to take the wand from Regina, Snow, Charming, and Hook, as to which Regina decides to take her on, Black stating that she'd hoped so, and that she has never killed a queen before, to which Regina replies that she's never killed a fairy. Her performance had been considered absolutely the best seen in the show. Fiona asked Tiger Lily for information on the prophecy and delved so deep into researching it that she discovered that a great evil would be born in winter around the same time of her own child's birth, identifiable by a crescent-shaped scar on their wrist, destined to kill her own child in the Final Battle.

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