New Mexico is perfect for couples looking for natural beauty and cute towns. While visiting Portland with your significant other, make sure to take a romantic walk through the Japanese Gardens, or witness one of Oregon’s many breathtaking waterfalls. Compiled of drastic forests, rivers, amazing hot springs, gushing geysers, and a ton of different animals — YNA is a must-add to your travel bucket list with your S/O. Wander through the green rolling hills and sheep pastures, and take in the history in this beautiful country. Enjoy the Mediterranean ambiance of Avalon, one of the tiny towns on the island, and check out the huge selection of activities, including scuba diving, ziplining, kayaking, and hiking. For the ultimate romantic trip, you can stay in La Casa Que Canta, which was featured in the movie 'When a Man Loves a Woman.' Written By Hilary Byrnes from But with splashy new resorts like Montage Los Cabos, (located on 39 quiet acres fronting Santa Maria Bay with one of the region’s only swimmable beaches), plus chic farm-to-table restaurants like Acre Baja, couples will get even more bang for their Instagram buck this year. They stand at an elevation of 11,000 feet, and they're lesser known than Arizona’s bigger parks. With some of the most beautiful landscape you will ever see, Yosemite is the perfect romantic holiday for couples. Places to explore include Lake Nakuru National Park, Hippo Point, or the Crescent Island Game Sanctuary. Everywhere you look makes an ideal backdrop for a postcard or inspiration for a dollhouse blueprint, with cloak-clad students and professors whizzing by to get to an event at the University of Oxford. PRO TIP: A must-do activity while in Catalina is rent a golf cart to drive around and explore the island. Whether you're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit in 2020. Located off the southern coast of California, Catalina Island is the perfect place to plan a romantic trip. Famous for its white sand beaches, Miami is one of the best vacation spots in the US for couples. Redwoods National Forest is compiled of protected forests and beaches. My hometown and also-known-as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas has made a name for itself that has visitors from all over the world visiting this unique city. While you’re there, stay at Jade Mountain, set on a cliff with open-air guest rooms with private infinity pools, four-poster canopy beds, and 24/7 butler service. An ultimate romantic winter getaway is Aspen, CO. These are the 50 most romantic places to visit on your next couples trip. It is known for its trees which are some of the tallest trees on earth. Known as the capital of country music, Nashville is the ultimate romantic weekend getaway in the US. Camping there with your S/O is sure to bring you guys closer to nature and each other. NurPhoto via Getty Images, Credit: The bowl-like shape makes a natural border for the animals, boosting the chances safari goers will be able to spot all of the Big Five — lion, cheetah, rhino, elephant, and buffalo — during a tour. Also stop by Malibu Yogurt and Ice Cream Cafe, which has some of the best peanut butter frozen yogurt you will ever taste. We walked away closer than ever after a cozy cabin weekend of hiking and home cooking on a little stove. If you’re looking for couples retreat ideas, Orlando, FL is an amazing holiday destination for couples. So in other words, if you are a US citizen or if you’re visiting Puerto Rico from the continental United States, you will not require a passport to enter. Whether you're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit in 2020.

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