It doesn't end. Swell is on the horizon, the wind is threatening to go offshore, Autumn is here. Fortunately, we have a little bit of everything outlined here in this forthcoming list. Rate. Throughout the film, this group makes their way from the northeast Australian coast up to Bali and Hawaii throughout the early 70s. The novel was written by Jennifer Nivens, and interestingly, the script is from The Post's Liz Hannah. Shot on Kodak 200T, filmmaker Matty Snelling AKA @afishoutofwater follows Cornish style master Michael Lay deep into the heartlands of Mexico on the road to the Mexilogfest… a journey of beers, cheers and of course a few perfect waves. Rate. See Proenza Schouler's full Spring '21 Collection, New 'Gossip Girl' Cast Sit on Those Iconic Steps, Abolitionists Want More Than Just Your Vote, Jessie Buckley Is Ready to Tell Her Own Story, Kamala Harris Praises Black Women in Her VP Speech, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Peel back your eyelids, … A Fyre Festival parody with voices by James Hogg. Updated 217d ago . Surfing with its beautiful images, full-tilt action, and colorful characters (not to mention lots of tanned skin for sexy celluloid flair) should be a natural hit in the theater. The greatest two-wheeled content creation on the online streaming platform. Set in the '90s, Christoph Honoré's Cannes entry tells a story of love, identity, and HIV. Bra Boys – directed by Sunny Abberton and narrated by Russel Crowe – documents the rise and status quo of a notorious surf gang that evolved out of the Sydney, Australia suburb of Maroubra. And, if you like what you see and want to support independent filmmaking, vote for those films you’d like to see on the big screen at this year’s festival. To coincide with this, the most glorious time of the year, London Surf / Film Festival has just dropped the longlist for the 9th Edition of The Shorties short film contest. Rate. The name of the song is ‘Liscannor Bay’. For more action, be sure to check out this list of the 12 best surf movies from over the past few decades. It’s a story that still rings true today, and certainly resonates with surfers and filmmakers across all industries. A favorite among French film buffs, director Olivier Assayas is taking a break from making films with Kristen Stewart (Clouds of Sils Maria, Personal Shopper) to call upon Juliette Binoche, who carries this literary romance about two unfaithful couples surfing the waves of midlife crisis. Gloria Bell, the story about a woman seeking love later in life, stars Julianne Moore, and just like Haneke's Funny Games, it's receiving the acclaim the original also drew. This hard hitting documentary chronicles the fall out from the now infamous Plyre festival, a luxury surf event that failed spectacularly…..or did it? A beautiful black-and-gold 20 ATM diver fit for spec-ops soldiers. A must see without a doubt. Featuring the silky surf skills of Jordan Reed, Robert Marchent Greenslade and Tad Drogomirecki. According to The Guardian, the film's title translates roughly to, "I felt something when I saw that girl," and it's the first movie in mainstream Bollywood to reference a lesbian romance plot line. It’s known as one of the finest surf documentaries around, boasting some of the very first footage of pioneering surfers riding the now famous waves of Uluwatu in Bali’s southern coastline, which effectively put the country on the map as a destination for surfers the world over. 6.4. Following local surfers travelling for waves and interesting people with a story to tell along the way. We’re all familiar with Chris Burkard, the renowned photography and adventure journalist who lives the sort of life most of us only dream about. 02 The James Brand The Carter Knife. 01 Sneerwell Salty Old Bastard Flask. In those days, dedicated showings were the norm, with VHS and later DVDs made available for purchase. … When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Surfing is a pastime fueled by heirlooms, whether it be an old board passed down from grandfather to father to son, or the art of wave riding is embedded within the family bloodline, the generational aspect of the sport cannot – and should not – be ignored. Rate. 5. Over the years, Hollywood has made a few surf movies, or shall we say Hollywood has made some attempts at bringing the sport of surfing to the big screen. It seems like a no-brainer. Part 3 of “The duct tape trilogy” sees the intrepid beach cleaning robot land in hot water. HiConsumption is reader-supported. By Kate Wertheimer Posted: Tuesday March 22 2016 Share Tweet. Rate. The longlist is a mix of big wave charging, soundscaping, super 8 traveloguing, documentary filmmaking, sick editing, cautionary tale telling and everything in between from both established names and new talents. Three pairs worn by basketball legends during the height of their careers. 6. There’s no way this list wouldn’t be complete without at least one spiritual doc on how surfing can often present a transcendental experience to wave riders. 0. Hearts Beat Loud director Brett Haley is giving YA literature a go with his next project. With punchy visuals and a soundscape composed entirely of recordings made from found plastic, ‘Turning Tides’ exposes the devastation our oceans are currently experiencing and challenges us all to do something about it. For example, you’ll find detailed accounts of the relationship between surfing and the counterculture during the hippie movement, a biographical insight into who’s been dubbed surfing’s “Prince of Decadence,” and an in-depth look at a notorious surf gang from the beaches of Sydney, Australia among others, of course. Here, director Takuji Masuda partners up with those who knew Spreckels all too well (Tony Alva, Laird Hamilton, etc) to help tell the tale of “The Player” who was taken from the sport at a young age, but whose eccentric personality and lifestyle lives on in the memories of those who knew him best. Le Chéile is a short film about how individuals living in a town, help shape that area, people & society around them. From the shop. Rate. Here's to being weak in the knees for the next 12 months. Bipolar can shake your world, but the ocean is always there to clear your mind. But they both have cystic fibrosis and are required to keep their distance—five feet to be exact. However, for our purposes we decided to go with several staple documentaries that really hit home for us, leaving the reader in a contemplative state after absorbing the information presented before them.

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