Although Brooklyn Gin hasn’t been around for nearly as long as the likes of Tanqueray or Beefeater — only 200 years young, but who’s counting — it has taken the small-batch gin market by storm.

Sometimes people put actual flavors in their spirit. Its repertoire also includes a Navy Strength blend (57 per cent ABV) and – for the brave (read: insane) among us – an Uncut option at an eye-watering 76 per cent ABV. All rights reservedPMC Entertainment, The Best Christmas Gifts of 2020 on Everyone's Wish List, 64 Christmas Gifts For Her That Are So Good You Don't Even Need To Keep the Receipt, Shopping Guide: The Best Massage Guns and Theragun Alternatives of 2020, The 29 Best Face Masks for Running or Cycling - See New Products from Reebok, Under Armour & Adidas, What Happened to Curved TVs? Distillery: Sazerac Co. ABV: 40% (80 proof). It uses a whopping 47 botanicals — all picked from the Black Forest in Germany — to create a truly elevated tasting experience.

None have the inherent objectivity you get with a one-day, comprehensive, blind tasting of everything on the list. — Gins were judged completely blind by how enjoyable they were as individual experiences and given scores of 1-100, which were then averaged. Monkey 47 Dry Gin. Distillery: Modesto Distillery ABV: 40% (80 proof).

It’s aged in wine barrels (giving it that odd caramel color) and uses a base wort of malted barley for a unique malty flavor. A handle is about $5 more than a 1.75 L bottle of Mr. Boston, but we’d drop that extra fiver, nine times out of ten. £42. The distillers hand peel the oranges used to infuse the gin, giving it an unmistakably fresh, citrusy taste. Around the time of the Thirty Years’ War, gin made its way over to England. The distillers take a little extra time with the fresh ingredients and it really pays off. Distillery: Sazerac Co. ABV: 40% (80 proof). In 2010, with help from local two local botanists, McEwan finally distilled this crisp, flavorful gin packed full with twenty-two herbs, plants, flowers and botanicals for a unique taste that could only come from the sheep-filled island off the coast of Scotland. Using a base of traditional botanicals (juniper, coriander etc), they’ve augmented the drink with six specific Japanese ingredients – sakura flower, sakura leaf, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sanshō pepper and yuzu peel. Ultimately, that probably means you won’t be using this in a martini, where we’d appreciate a more diverse or distinctive array of botanicals, but it makes a pleasantly juniper-forward G&T. £45. Monkey Gland – A gin cocktail as delicious as its name is absurd, a monkey gland is a mix of gin, orange juice and grenadine. If you can get your head around that journey, you’ll agree that Australia has a gift for good drinks, whatever your choice of refreshment. Luxe travel, Luxe DIning, Top Luxury Blog India, Luxury Tips Daily, Luxury Ideas, Luxury Restaurants & hotels, Luxury Travel It is also surprising how well this gin works with mixers because of its extensive botanical profile, but through some gin magic, it all seems to work. Originating from that London street made famous in cinema and song, Portobello Road No. £32.99. Some might actually find the character of this gin a bit too forward—the ethanol is a tad harsh, and the juniper is a tad boisterous—but we think that’s exactly what they were going for. £38.25. At $6-8 per 750 ml bottle, this is among the cheapest gins you can buy in bulk, anywhere in the U.S. Only a couple of the other entries on this list (Glenmore, Mr. Boston, etc.) The third gin made by Anchor, Old Tom is a classic pot-still distilled gin made with juniper and myriad botanicals that are formulated to create a sweeter, less dry gin. There's a lot of flavors going on in the gin, but that just means there are more reasons for you to continue to drink it.

If you’re wondering where the name Fatty’s Gin came from, it stems from the founder’s childhood pet name. It’s a step up from the basic gin brands, but it’s still not too expensive. You Only Need Four Tools to Cook an Awesome Turkey, Our Favorite All-Wheel-Drive Cars of 2020, The 8 Best Beard Trimmers You Can Buy in 2020, 7 Trainers Share Their Home Gym Essentials, Complete Buying Guides to the Best Watch Brands. All rights reserved. You'll recognize the blue bottle anywhere.

This superior spirit blends nine carefully considered botanicals – including locally sourced lavender, bay leaf and fresh lime peel – for a crisp, citrus-led gin. Unlike bourbon, there are not many legal requirements for something to be considered gin.

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