At age 13, Gates discovered his interest in software and began programming computers on a school computer at the private Lakeside School (Microsoft 2010). People argued that Bill Gates only updated existing products and never really invented new products (Williams, 2010). That's our welcome gift for first time visitors. His success as a business leader has been characterized at times as ruthless and demanding; which begs the question, is this a bad thing (Ashley, 2008)? Many of us, hearing that Gates started Microsoft out of his garage, would be inclined to think he was a kid with no prior knowledge who managed to start a multi-billion dollar business from those little experiments. The headquarter of the company is situated in Kyoto. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 15(4), 269-274. Bill Gates has very good knowledge about his work and thus likes to take every decision and decide on every major decision. Making mistakes and experiencing setbacks is part of the DNA of every successful entrepreneur, and I am no exception.". Northouse, P.G. Academy of Management. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Leadership: theory and practice (7th ed.). Comparison of Gates and Oprah Leadership Qualities with Leadership Theories, Both Gates and Oprah follows Transformational Leadership Theory, 5. Discover the world's research. Bill Gates offers a more participative leadership style. However, like a true leader, he has established a system in the organization and all the employee activities like appraisals are handled in a systematic manner through appraisals (Corbridge, 2010). Chapter 3 explores the evolution of leadership theories, from “Great Man” and “Traits” to the current “Transformational” Theory. Is your department struggling to increase productivity? Bill Gates, on the other hand, dropped out of school and pursued his dream, which he could not do when confined within the classroom. Through his innovative ideas, Jobs has created one of the most successful tech companies on the globe. Disclaimer: The reference papers provided by serve as model papers for students Gates passion for programming and relentless determination are key indicators that align closer with task behavior than relationship. The world’s billionaires. As the mastermind behind Microsoft, Gates employed an autocratic leadership style that complemented the decisive momentum needed to maintain leverage over any competitors. He wield dominance, which is probably expected of a leader, but often makes him less relatable. The timing was prompt an excellent customer service. Study for free with our range of university lectures! He is an expert on his craft, which is one of the best traits a leader can have. Because of his delegation, which he was able to do because of rigorous hiring process, he has been able to create a strong pool of future leaders.

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