While this is an ethical, fair-trade brand, there are serious environmental concerns about the proliferation of palm tree farming across the world. The smoke point is the temperature at which a fat starts breaking down and smoking due to the heat. Rich in vitamin E, healthy omega-9 fatty acids, and lutein. Try not to reach across the pan when it is full of hot oil. Get yourself the right oil then follow the few simple tips and guidelines that we’ve set out above and get cooking! Some oils lend themselves better to reuse than others. If the oil starts to burn, turn off your hob immediately. Refined vs. Unrefined Oils. Particularly good if you like the idea of a hint of coconut flavor, or are exploring the numerous Indian, Caribbean or Latin American fried fish recipes out there. It can even spread on toast as a healthy alternative to butter. It is probably best, in the first instance to try to cut any larger fish into manageable and uniformly sized chunks. Do not drop it in! An efficient kitchen thermometer will also make things easier, but if you don’t have one sprinkle a pinch of flour or drop a crumb of bread into the pan and if the oil sizzles, without burning then it has reached the right temperature. It is basic, it comes in a large volume (1 gallon per jug) and is more affordable than some of its competitors. A less healthy and flavorsome version of olive oil than the extra virgin products. Use a fine-mesh strainer or sieve to pass the cooled oil through, removing the scraps. The price is quite a bit higher, too, but the 4.8 out of 5 star rating from 26 people is amazing. Either by an ‘unrefined’ one-stage process known as cold-pressing (most commonly associated with the production of virgin olive oil and higher grade nut oils) or by a more complex, ‘refined’ set of chemical procedures (that will yield familiar versions of sunflower and vegetable oil). This coconut oil has a few other uses too. Healthier than you think… In moderation. Resist trying to move the pan. “The best fish and chips in the world come from Yorkshire because they use pure beef dripping, and that’s what we use here,” says Stein, himself an owner of two fine chippies in Cornwall. Peanut oil has a smoke point of about 450 degrees F, so it gives plenty of room for heat. Peanut oils neutral taste and high smoke point make it one of the best oils to deep fry fish. The Winner: Coconut Oil. This is the light or refined version of Filippo Berio’s wide range of olive oils and is suitable for deep-frying. Deep-frying is a science rather than an art, take care and be precise. Refined through a complex chemical process. It can be more prone to degradation than other oils. The correct temperature of the oil is critical to your success. A versatile kitchen oil, it can also be used to make dressings or mayonnaise. When the fish begins to float near the surface of the oil and the sizzling is slowing down, the fish should be close to ready. A very high smoke point, which will enhance the crispiness of your deep-fried fish. Ever not want to deep fry because you can’t justify using $10 worth of oil for one meal? Snappy’s offering is a refined cooking oil so it has an even higher smoke point (450°F) than unrefined versions. Just remember that if you’re reusing it and storing it, keep it in a very secure container where it won’t be ruined by humidity, light, or heat. Research has shown that after 8 hours of non-stop deep frying at 180 degrees Celsius (365 degrees Fahrenheit), it maintains its quality. Usually, this will mean it has turned a much darker color, smells acrid or has foam on its surface. If you don’t have a branded deep fryer, a wok or a tall, narrow saucepan with a heavy bottom such as a stockpot will do just as well. Make sure you have a plate and absorbent kitchen paper to drain your fried fish on once it is fried. Because rice bran oil is very stable with a smoke point of 232 °C, it is a great oil for deep-frying. You could use a seed oil like flax, sunflower or sesame, or one of the many nut oils such as almond, palm, peanut or coconut. Not as fashionable as it once was, and recently the subject of some conflicting reports around its health benefits. Palm oil might be the perfect way to get started with an array of new cuisines. It comes in an elegant tin that helps preserve the quality of the oil for longer. Ensure any moist ingredients like fish are patted dry or left to stand before adding them to the pan; water, in particular, can react violently when introduced to hot oil. Required fields are marked *, Deep Fryer Reviews Full Deep Fryer Guide Low Fat, Oil-free & Air Fryers Turkey Fryers Deep Fryer Oil Types of Fryers Small, Large, Cheap, Propane How to use a deep fryer. If you’re using a pan be sure to only half fill it with oil. Attempting to deep-fry fish or seafood at home need not be the challenge that some seem to think. If in any doubt use a fresh batch. You may also find this article helpful if you’re interested in a good layman’s terms science explanation of frying oil, and check out the smoke point chart on Wikipedia here. A cheap addition to any kitchen cupboard. The doyenne of British seafood, Rick Stein, certainly swears by it. With great ratings and a lot of popularity, it is safe to say you’ll do well with this. This rules out most olive oils (which is fine, because it doesn’t taste great in this application) and a lot of other unrefined versions of oils we’ll recommend later. A much milder flavor than many other palm oils. Crisco’s Canola oil is made from pure rapeseed and is ideal for those wanting to use a light, neutral and inexpensive oil to deep-fry their fish. Fish fried at too low a heat will be greasy, while blasting or overheating the oil will cause it to reach it’s smoke point, ruining your fish. Getting a 3 pack of Hain Pure Foods Peanut Oil gives you 2.84 Liters, which is over 1 Liter less than you get with the Snappy Oil above.

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