With rich volcanic soil and an ideal climate for hazelnut growing, Oregon produces some 99% of the US crop. On the other hand there's ... everything else. Find out where to get the top dishes from every state, including avocado toast in California, beignets in New Orleans, deep-dish pizza in Illinois and more. It brings together more than 20 food trucks for a full day of live music, games, and tasty eats. The coronavirus crisis has forced many big-name chefs and food professionals to pivot to new business models to survive. So we'll just say that this state is a bit of a mixed bag. Or that it's the largest producer of both hops and spearmint oil?!? A giant rib-eye is served with a side of ham and a cheeseburger. It’s everything that’s bad about North Dakota cuisine, only farther south. Blink and you’ll miss this state’s sliver of coastline, but it does exist — a fact that has apparently led locals to adopt the lobster roll as their own. And even if you find something “local,” it’s going to be a pretty basic burger or steak — or those wonderful morsels of manhood known as Rocky Mountain Oysters. Every element — meat, cheese, onions and bun — is swimming in butter. Kudos to the Bluegrass State for inventing the Hot Brown, a smothered open-faced sandwich that is the ultimate late-night drunk dish. The annual Vermont Maple Festival, held in St. Albans in late April, is a celebration of all things maple— including the end of the hectic sugaring season—with syrup tastings and, of course, a pancake breakfast. Try having a fun Christmas again after serving reindeer sausage to the kids. Pancake breakfasts and dessert contests are just part of the huckleberry-centric fun at the Trout Creek Huckleberry Festival each August. Whole hog, butts and shoulders, ribs — it doesn’t matter, it’s all amazing. Every May they celebrate Lebanon’s signature salad at the Tabouleh Fest, complete with a Miss Tabouleh pageant, belly dancers, and an all-you-can-eat Lebanese lunch prepared by local churches. Add to all that some of the best beer and wine in America and you have the makings of a “Bon Appetit” photo shoot. Great buffet values though! The hamburger was invented here, as was the frozen margarita. If America is Sirius Satellite Radio (which it is! Despite being home to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, sandwiches that incorporate French fries as a filling, and football fans who steal prosthetic legs, Pennsylvania still feels like it flies a bit under the radar sometimes. And it’s delicious! The Peanut Boil Festival in Luverne includes much more than fresh goobers every September. More to the point, we all know the high regard to which we hold the food and drink culture of New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana (thank you for Tabasco, po-boys, and cocktails), but aside from that, the wharves of New Orleans were where craps was invented in the early-19th century, and the term Uncle Sam allegedly started when Louisiana was a US territory, and dockworkers would mark goods from the States with a “U.S.” and say they came from “Uncle Sam.” Also, there’s a 900-ton bronze statue of Shaq dunking on fools at LSU. Held each fall on the grounds of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery, the three-day Wenatchee River Salmon Festival celebrates the return of the salmon to the sea from their freshwater spawning grounds. First buffalo are coralled in Custer State Park. Our cross-country map of state-by-state cuisine celebrations, adapted from National Geographic's new book, Great American … Judges separate the best suds from the duds during this three-day annual event held every fall. But what really makes the state sing is its emphasis on culinary diversity. Juried categories cover everything from best sauce to best brisket, plus live entertainment and fireworks. Take, for instance, a beloved dish that consists of a bowl of chili and a cinnamon roll. Spice things up at the Old Bay Festival in Cockeysvile held in June. South Carolina even created a special trail dedicated to the culinary art of the ‘cue. Hastings, Nebraska, puts on a sweet face to celebrate their invention of the flavored drink mix during Kool-Aid Days in August. Where the Lone Star State scores high praise for its cuisine, its neighbor to the north is trying to create the world’s largest fried onion burger. Though they squeak unnervingly when you bite into them, fresh cheese curds are a delicacy in dairy-crazed Wisconsin. 24. New Mexicans adore this chunky chile sauce – made from local Hatch chiles – so much that they’ll pour it on everything from eggs to burritos to burgers. Crunch on some homegrown snacks at Schlaegel’s Homegrown Popcorn (www.popcorngifts.net) in Whiting. Dig into a plate of nachos grande, complete with beans, cheese, steak and guacamole, at Gueros Taco Bar (www.guerostacobar.com) in Austin, all washed down with a margarita or two. You figured because you have world-famous celebrities like Ethan Embry, Tyler Posey, and Jake Busey that we would just succumb to the tidal wave of collective talent and throw you in the top spot? Fake-nice guys with distressingly in-shape calves who’ve been working as part-time ski instructors for the past decade while depleting their trust funds after failing out of Boulder. Creole and Cajun cuisine make Louisiana one of America’s best eating states, and the choices for top state food are endless: po’ boys, red beans and rice, muffulettas, bananas foster, pralines, crawfish étouffée, boudin, gumbo – the list goes on. These aren’t your ordinary flapjacks. At the middle school lunch table that is America, Georgia is that kid who everyone kind of can’t stand but tolerates because their parents are friends and they usually have good snacks at their house. It makes sense. Sometimes it feels like eating butter-poached paper towels. Leave the glittering lights of Sin City, though, and you’ll find yourself wandering a food-culture desert. The best way to try some? Plenty of people enjoy a Santa Fe Chicken Salad, but we think putting chips and beans in a salad doesn’t make it New Mexican or good, and that the whole thing is kind of suspect. Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence. With almost 400 responses and hours of road mapping my taste buds, I present the unofficial best foods that represent each state: Alabama: Fried Anything Caroline Liu . Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park is home to one of America’s largest buffalo herds, and the giant ruminants are a state icon. Maryland. Inventing the cheeseburger, the can opener, ESPN, and Rick Mahorn can only get you so far. Boise, for instance, has a pretty diverse and innovative culinary scene. It’s the subtler choices of those living in the Cornhusker State that are the real head-scratchers. The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival takes place over 10 days in early November of each year, highlighting the region’s long coffee and cultural heritage. Dogfish Head, one of the most enduring jokes from Wayne’s World, and... that about covers it. Grab a slice at Crane’s Pie Pantry (www.cranespiepantry.com) in the lakeshore town of Fennville. sandwiches that incorporate French fries as a filling, those roast pork numbers are arguably more delicious. The official state fruit since 1987, the South Arkansas Vine-Ripe Pink Tomato has been grown here since the 1920s. My nephew is under the impression that all people from Louisiana are actually just alligators dressed in bayou-ready attire speaking with Cajun accents, but my nephew is also 3 and likely wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Texas is known for its Tex-Mex, a combo that actually works brilliantly, and its cuisine is heavily influenced by the many Czech and German immigrants who call the Lone Star State home. Wisconsinites must chuckle at the notion that a bar focusing on fine ales, house-made charcuterie, and artisanal cheeses can endeavor to position itself as trendy -- beer, cheese, and meat -- really reinventing the wheel there, everybody! Swedes have been migrating to these parts for generations, but they’re not really known for their food — eating is more a necessity than a pleasure. Is Tonya Harding worse than Skip Bayless? Daily coffee tastings, art strolls, and tours of working coffee farms are worth the buzz. Georgia is called the Peach State and its official crop is peanuts. Minus points for its messy divorce with West Virginia and numerous historical inaccuracies in Remember the Titans, which is really more Disney’s fault, but still. And the sizable Portuguese community churns out some awesome sweets. Fralinger’s (www.fralingers.com), on the iconic boardwalk, is synonymous with the nostalgic treat. In Hoosier country, it’s very much a thing. Buy a gelatinous slice at Ingebretsen’s Scandinavian Gifts (www.ingebretsens.com) in Minneapolis. That’s pretty much all you need to know about New Yorkers. Is the West Coast the best coast when it comes to cuisine? Everything you always wanted to know about lettuce is the focus of Yuma Lettuce Days, which unfolds each February at the University of Arizona Agriculture Center. And don’t get between a Michigander and their double-baked rye bread unless you’re ready for a real brouhaha. Also eat some salmon. If you want to eat like a local here — and trust us, you don’t — then head to the local pub for a reindeer sausage and muktuk finished off with a bowl of aqutak. Most of the Jersey Shore (place, not show) is rather pleasant and devoid of laundry-obsessed orange people, South Jersey is basically a pastoral wonderland, and the state arguably does both pizza and cheesesteaks better than its more heralded neighbors in either direction. It’s so beloved that ushers at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics wore Jell-O pins on their lapels. Where your grandpa gets his mail-order steaks, and where the good citizens see a football coach and say "now THAT guy should be in Congress.".

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