This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. This campaign garnered over 480,000 digital engagements, over 336 digital impressions and over 43,000 mentions on social media platforms. Dove teamed up with GirlGaze, Getty Images, and women everywhere to create Project #ShowUs, the world’s largest photo library created by women and non-binary individuals to break beauty stereotypes. They secretly launched its own ‘fake’ label and opened a real knock-off store called ‘DEISEL’ on NYC’s Canal Street during New York Fashion Week. Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Campaign in 2019 For startup Marketing strategies is always an Important Factor in Order to expand their business. The heartwarming film also bagged two Bronzes at the Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards. #TheBestMenCanBe #SharetheLoad originally started in 2016, with, “Is laundry only a mother’s job?” that featured a father’s apology letter to his adult daughter for the legacy he left behind—contributing to a culture where the man of the house does not help his wife in household chores. This Tide campaign resulted in an extensive reach – #TideAd became the second trending topic on social media (in the first was #SuperBowl) with #TideAd used over 45, 000 times. Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? This represents the true significance behind “That’s why we Airbnb” because as a brand, Airbnb caters to a wide variety of travelers, yet is able to meet the specific needs of each. The campaign based on creating nine different projects that rhyme with “MailChimp.” without telling anyone that it was for MailChimp. In this regard, the 360i New York crafted an immersive voice game called ‘The Maze’, produced by Westworld creators, enables users to activate through Amazon Alexa. Gillette also committed to distributing $3 million over the next three years to nonprofits focused on helping men of all ages to achieve their best. Many commended the brand for its cause, while others were quick to label it as a disaster and having a fake purpose. These cookies do not store any personal information. In the “Address the Future” campaign, Norwegian clothing brand Carlings and Virtue Copenhagen created an all-digital clothing collection. To further this effort, The Ocean agency hosted the “Glowing Design Challenge” and released the color assets for free on their social channels and the global communities. The campaign was meant to raise awareness of the environmental waste created by fashion. The shorts reinterpret the process for creating McMuffins, highlighting essential ingredients. To promote its Egg McMuffin, McDonald’s partnered with Matthieu Braccini, a 3D animator, to create a series of 15 animated gifs. However, that does not mean the only value to get out of this is entertainment. In an attempt to end this crisis, NSC cooperated with BBDO and Ketchum to launch the ‘Prescribed to Death Memorial’ in November 2017 in Chicago. Last year, Burger King along with the brand’s creative agency David Miami created an overnight viral sensation with the first example of cross-platform integration between a TV commercial and a voice-activated virtual assistant. Nike was facing a unique challenge: Nike wanted to sell its Jordan brand, for the first time, to teen consumers that have never witnessed “His Airness” lace up. The ‘Able Act’ now allows people with Down syndrome to work without risking their healthcare. RT to vote! As we step into the New Year fresh and clean, we are happy to present a compiled list of our favourite ad campaign moments from last year. Continue to support one another by donating to @BTWFoundation and The Starbucks Foundation will match up to $250K. On International Women’s Day, a statue of a little girl took over the headlines in media across the globe. The campaign managed to prompt a law change. @NASA let’s put a MoonPie on the dang moon The stunt crafted by ‘We Are Unlimited’ agency generated 1.6 billion impressions globally and became the top searched brand query on International Women’s Day. The answer was ‘Augmented Reality Technology’. With this year’s 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing and NASA’s plan to return to #Moon2024, MoonPie launched #MoonPieToTheMoon2024 to get NASA to take the snack treat on the next lunar mission. In just 12 weeks, the campaign reached 4.6 billion Twitter impressions and over 215,000 Instagram posts. In order to increase sales in the US, Kiwi used the world’s most famous paintings to create a very creative e-commerce campaign by attached shined-up shoes to subjects in famous paintings. We are made up of eclectic, electric and fun people who have worked across the spectrum of digital services – from creative to marketing to production. To turn things around, KFC partnered with Wieden+Kennedy Portland agency to create an effective campaign. Here are examples of five brands that listened and created their own noise across digital media platforms: Thirty years ago, popular shaving brand, Gillette, stood with the tagline, “the best a man can get” as a way to encourage men to put their best foot forward at all times. Meanwhile, digital and online channels highlighted McDonald’s most important women in the company’s history. The objective of the campaign was to showcase to the world that individuals with Down syndrome are ready, willing and able to work and to raise awareness of antiquated laws that hinder individuals with Down syndrome from pursuing a career or independent living. Let’s freakin’ do this! R/GA Portland agency managed to transform footage of MJ into a 3D AR version of the basketball. Full time doggie mommy, full time B2B enthusiast, part-time beer lover. MailChimp has a pretty easy name to pronounce, but the marketing automation platform claimed that it has a history of people mispronouncing it, especially during its sponsorship of the popular podcast Serial. So, in an attempt to help young entrepreneurs who get tangled in red tape by overzealous local governments, the lemonade brand ‘Country Time’ go to bat on a legal basis for lemonade stand operators everywhere. As a result, Legal-Ade is the brand’s initiative taking a stand against archaic permit laws in the US. The objective of the campaign was to demonstrate the relevance and efficacy of the Tide brand without competing dollar-for-dollar or Tweet-for-Tweet with other detergent brands and guarantee as much value as possible. The campaign resulted in 312 million media impressions and the experience was available at Adler Planetarium, Houston’s Space Centre, Lincoln Centre, Liberty Science Centre among and more. For DIESEL, it’s a particularly loathsome problem. The Campaign focused on the things that made KFC special, including the founder, Colonel Sanders. In a series of content videos released on YouTube and distributed across social media platforms, AirBnB unveiled their campaign, “That’s Why We AirBnB”. The sneaker sold out in just 23 minutes, smashing Snapchat’s stats—the A/R lens quadrupled previous engagement levels—and raising the bar for shoppable video. Where both man and woman #SharetheLoad inside the household, to create a balance and make it work. The campaign aimed to ensure that Burger King is not behind the negative edits and the stunt became a catalyst for controversy, conversations around technology’s vulnerability. Our mission is to publish authoritative articles, commentary, webinars, and podcasts to help online merchants. According to the Global Digital Report 2019, over 45% of the total world’s population is using social media which accounts for 3.5 billion people Businesses are aware of the importance of social media marketing as 73% of small businesses invest in social media marketing. Comedy Central; The Donald J Trump Presidential Twitter Library Campaign. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. So proud to say our #BTSArmy has been nominated for the @TacoBell #BestFanArmy Award at the 2019 #iHeartAwards! Episodes air across Spotify, YouTube, and IGTV. Let’s jump straight into the 2019 most influential digital marketing campaigns in the USA. After one week the DEISEL experience generated 400 million global media impressions and 55 million social media impressions. Instead of trying to hide the mistake, as other brands always do, MailChimp embraced it and even made it central in one of their most successful marketing campaigns. The American science fiction Western television series, talking about a future world in which Android-technology is extremely developed and wealthy people can pay to be immersed in an amusement park called ‘Westworld’, tried to increase fan engagement following the end of its second series by creating a voice-activated game on Amazon Echo devices in the US. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Five months after the ad’s January release, the brand reported figures showing that 65% of consumers are more likely to purchase Gillette. Caribbean music has had a tremendous influence on pop music, yet few real artists get recognition or the resources to record their own music. The Spotify streaming gained 128 hours of studio time and the Caribbean artists documented their recording experiences on Instagram Stories. The objective of the campaign was to get massively noticed and arouse curiosity amongst viewers. Besides, providing a virtual tour of the library online via the Comedy Central’s Daily Show website., — Starbucks Coffee (@Starbucks) June 13, 2019. As a result, the social campaign achieved five billion earned impressions and resulted in a 7% sales lift for Skittles over the course of five weeks. And with this, brand believes that it was able to create a worldwide community of travelers, all unique, yet all accepting. The following list is based on “WARC Creative 100” report which revealed the world’s most awarded campaigns for creativity—with a focus on the best digital marketing campaign in the US in 2019. The campaign’s objective was to maintain hype around the series after it stopped showing on TV. After the reveal of this film, limited edition DEISEL pieces were launched online and sold out within a few hours. Practical Ecommerce® is a THANK YOU guys for all the support this year. When Fortnight, the video game, announced a food-fight event between Team Pizza and Team Burger, Wendy’s launched an organic campaign to promote its burgers. Comedy Central wanted to give the tweets a platform for everyone to connect with through a live entertainment experience. With 2019 coming to a wrap, the AlphaKOR Academy wanted to feature 5 of the best digital marketing campaign to come out this year.

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