I’ve always loved the term “Tafelmusik”—literally, “Table Music”—as best exemplified in G.F. Telemann’s 1733 titular suite; it’s music to accompany another activity. Kraftwerk – Kraftwerk (Philips, 1970) See also: Cluster – II (Brain, 1972), APHEX TWIN Really great to discover new/old music. Not the musicians who make it, not the audience. listen to "Abstract Tantrum" by NIHILI CHRISTI, Thanks for sharing btw I am making ambient music prefer this sample pack https://www.lucidsamples.com/ambient-samples-packs/269-era-of-space-sounds.html. I’m trying to focus on this record, Carter Thomas’, My first thought on presaging a list of canonic ambient records: “What music isn’t ambient in the 21. st century?” Given the current life demands, multi-tasking has become a mono-activity, one that takes up our entire sensory field. This is the album that connects the dots of being between two places, with the familiar liminal space of much ambient music represented by the airport. @niktho: Fantastic to see! Ambient music hasn’t broken much new ground in the past 20 years to my ears. – Music for Nine Postcards (Hiroshi Yoshimura) Want to join the Discogs community of music lovers? "url": "http://blog.discogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/u2912-rites-of-mu.jpg.jpg", Please tell me where this picture in the title comes from? This album switches back and forth from the dance floor purity of “Little Fluffy Clouds” to one of the the most recognizable ambient tracks ever, “A Huge Ever Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld”. Ben Frost - By The Throat. Needs some Namlook. That’s the Album that started, and defined the Genre! “Plays John Cassavetes 1” paints on a watery wash of sampled strings with no discernible outline; “Plays John Cassavetes 2” is a single, two-bar loop of strings taken from the Beatles’ “Goodnight," slow and hopeful as a wide river at sunset, that collapses 10 minutes into the blink of an eye. 1. - to understand how you got to our web properties Pitchfork: The 50 Best Ambient Albums of All Time. And he should know, since he basically invented the genre three years earlier with his album Discreet Music. APOLLO ATMOSPHERES AND SOUNDTRACKS – Un Collection Des Chainons I (Yoshio Ojima), axl559 The picture in the title is a still from The KLF’s movie “The Rites of Mu”. 5. Named for the forest near his hometown of Cologne, where he dabbled with psychedelics, Königsforst skirts the line between pulsing nocturnal dreamscape and hypnagogic nightmare that, as Voigt put it, “has no ending and no start,” much like the musical continuum Gas is a part of. I really appreciate your lists. 20 Best Ambient Records Ever Made (FactMagazine) A list by TheScientist. This third Gas full-length features the most uptempo, 4/4-kick-led compositions on this list, and many of these songs could fit neatly in the club, as they all clock in somewhere around 120 beats per minute. Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4 (Inteam GmbH, 1984) buy A subreddit for fans of [ambient … Press J to jump to the feed. All classics, but seems to ignore the wave of great ambient work that came out in the late 2000s, largely inspired by a classic in it’s own right, Tim Hecker – Harmony in Ultraviolet. But either way you mentioned a bunch of my all time favorites here, will definitely check out those remaining three :). G.C. There are probably so many more that I could add to the list, but you hit it right on the mark with T.D.s Phaedra. Carl Craig – More Songs About Food & Revolutionary Art (Planet E, 1997) For me, it comes down to albums that represent a shift in the genre, and these albums did in a bigger way, but again, just my take. Kevin Drumm – Imperial Distortion (Hospital Productions, 2008) It is a plus that you find a link to imediately listen to the music! And the astral jazz of  ‘Spanish Castles In Space’ is often missed in the fetish for The Orb’s stoned NASA-isms. “Track 5”, with its peripheral beat, is grounded by spooky horn calls, and ghostly echoes of some lost orchestra. Pole – Pole 2 (Matador, 1999) And then there’s the hard way: forgo metronomic mile-markers and find ways to allude to dance music through pattern, texture, motion, and overriding shape. The similarities to Aphex Twin are here, but Soil encapsulates feelings of beauty and dread simultaneously, leaving a feeling of unease and unpredictability to each listen. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. Global Communication – ‘Maiden Voyage’ (Dedicated 12″, 1994). And unlike most of the LPs on this list, Selected Ambient Works feels more like individual tracks or songs that work just as well as on their own as they do as part of a whole. Ad Choices. Pure trails and tones hover in space, twisting around and through one another, mist on mist. } Cheers Lustmord anything, Happy to see that I’ve got about 50% of the Albums suggested in my Collection, and the other 50% will be an exciting discovery (Even though I know a few of the Artists, and have other titles by them (example The Orb). Recorded in jail while Beausoleil was serving life for what was allegedly the first of the Manson killings. Tortoise – TNT (Thrill Jockey, 1998), THE ORB See also: We hear distantly percolating arpeggios and quietly bustling basses but nary a drum. They all should be on there! 4. Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (R&S, 1992) But good to see some appreciation for some complete masterpieces. Ulrich Schnauss – Far Away Trains Passing By (City Centre Offices, 2001) buy Chill Out is a capsule of taking every past experience and re-tuning it in a truly environmental way. Thanks very much for reading, everyone, I truly appreciate your comments! The Orb (aka the KLF-affiliated Alex Paterson and a rotating cast of collaborators) were not shy when it came to sampling. While I can’t pinpoint the first title that sparked my love affair with long-form music, I do remember holing up with a copy of Terry Riley’s Persian Surgery Dervishes after being repeatedly steered toward it by the well-meaning Meredith Monk disciple who effectively ran the Record Collector’s Depot in Ridgewood, NJ in the owner’s frequent absence. Since you went for the approach of selecting seminal classics I do feel there’s one glaring omission here, which is Vangelis – Blade Runner. Interested in seeing more articles like this one? CLUSTER AND ENO 1. My personal voyage into the world of ambient involves a series of record fairs in northern New Jersey—Montvale, then Wayne, to be precise—where I began querying the awful-smelling, suspended adolescents lurking both behind and in front of so many tables of priceless “import” compact discs and hastily labeled VHS tapes.

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