Without any doubt, Cordoba C9 is an excellent nylon-string acoustic guitar that worth your money. There is a straightforward explanation of why our chosen guitars stand out from the crowd. Or continue to play both and in a sense become “ambi-scalular” (is there such a word?) I have studied off and on and am probably in grade 3-4 level in some areas, but not all. Spruce top and birdseye maple back small body. Yamaha GC12C is a smart choice for a guitarist looking for a great classical guitar without investing a lot of money in an expensive instrument. I have owned probably over 40 classical guitars over the years including Ramirez 1a’s and Rucks. As a sideline comment: I found an old Harmony Classical Guitar – Model H175 – built in the USA These are the issues I’m now grappling with. It is the technique in making it, the inner bracings etc. With this guitar, you will have a great feeling while you are playing fast and running your fingers up and down across the fingerboard. Before trying it I was skeptical, but over the years some of the best guitars I’ve made have been 640 scale. However, depends on the person and how intense they want to be…. Yamaha GC12C has acquired better premium tonewood, which produces a detailed mid, rich lows, and vivid sound. I wouldn’t say that stretches will be easier so much as more comfortable. ?, made perfect sense to me! The sound isn't perfect; strings make noise. To me, the Spanish tradition followers put me off somewhat. Thanks for any comments! A person with very small hands might benefit with spacing as close as, say, 37 mm. I recently acquired a 11strings alto guitar. It seems I can really dig into these strings. I gotta say getting a shorter scale HAS made my playing better. Now the standard is 650mm. When did being unique become a bad thing? Even assembly line guitar makers can accidentally turn out a great guitar every now and then, and great luthiers can turn out a lemon now and then. – without ever listening to the sound of the instrument. In summary, I think a person just has to own and play a lot of guitars and eventually come up with a few favorites that fit their size and need. I use hard tensions strings and the guitar sounds fantastic. Classical guitar strings are primarily used for classical and flamenco repertoire and are made of materials such as nylon, fluorocarbon, and other synthetics. But as far as sound goes, the overall character of the woods, bracing, and other design elements, are far more important to creating the desired tone. Acoustic guitar tops are either crafted from solid wood or laminate wood. These sizes are easy to adapt to shorter scale lengths. On top of that, the neck and fretboard handcrafted from mahogany and ebony. Also, a solid cedar top and ebony fretboard complete the tonewood selection. A nylon string guitar cannot produce a loud tone by itself. I have little hands, I play an Asturias short scale. 20 Best Classical Guitar String Reviews and the Best Classical Guitar String Brands 1) D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension This one is D’Addario’s best selling set of strings. Thus, choose something that comes with premium-grade finishing. Due to arthritis, I am keen to switch to a short scale (630 mm)classical guitar, and would prefer one with cutaway and pickup, but this combinations seems not to exist. I initially looked for smaller scale guitars, but had a hard time finding one that was modestly priced. I encourage anyone who feels the classical guitar is uncomfortable to play to seek out different sized guitars. Our chosen versatile guitar, Cordoba C10 Crossover, comes with all the fine details that your money can buy. I was very wrong. These strings are affordable, made in the USA, and come in four varying tensions. Most noticeably, this guitar offers a cutaway design that gives you easy access to the fretboard. It offers a humidified hard case for safe storage. When I started playing guitar, my journey began on steel strings. The laminated body affects the sound a little. Also, playing different music genres requires different types of guitars. I have been hunting a sweet sounding smaller scale smaller body guitar for a while. Thus, your purpose plays a significant role in letting you find what you are looking for. But solid wooden top costs more compared to the laminated top. Thus, its wooden structure and excessive craftsmanship produce an impressive, sharp, and bright sound. The greenish and grayish color of this ziricote guitar's back and sides can grab anyone's attention. And it is easier to play. Yet, if you don't have a tight budget issue, then you'll be getting the most promising sound quality and top-notch features from these high-end guitars. The scale length of those guitars never bothered me because of their low action, radiused fingerboard, and narrow nut. Thanks for coming up with this with notes from good builders. © 2019 Bradford Werner, thisisclassicalguitar.com, wernerguitareditions.com, primoguitar.com. Besides, the nut dimension is mostly responsible for delivering you a classic guitar feel. In this video I’m using a Douglass Scott: https://www.thisisclassicalguitar.com/2018-douglass-scott-classical-guitar/. The 10 best nylon-string guitars 2020: the best classical guitars, plus flamenco and hybrid models. What is small scale? The string height, or action, of a classical guitar directly affects its sound and playability. By chance, I discovered the Cordoba Dolce. My logic was that if I can’t cleanly play a piece of music, then what’s the point in making the action higher, using higher tension strings or a longer scale length? The glossy finishing is bound to call anyone's attention. But to each to his/her own. Buying Guide: Know All About The Best Classical Guitars, How To Record Acoustic Guitar ( Check This 5 Tips), How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar? Conversely, a shorter scale will require less tension to reach the same pitch, and the string will feel more slack to the fingers. Layered flamed maple adds a beautiful outlook. I think guitarists got tired of fighting with hard action instruments and wanted a more cooperative neck. But how does the scale length affect the guitar’s performance? C12's raised fingerboard design allows you to enjoy easy access to the upper frets and facilitates playability. If you buy one thinking it will make you a better player you are likely mistaken. Our chosen Cordoba C9 comes with an apex level of sound quality and excessive craftsmanship. I had a 630 scale and now have a Kenny Hill 615 which has taken most of the struggle out of my playing. A shorter string reduces the left hand reaches, and reduces the overall tension of the instrument, because the with the shorter length the string doesn’t have to be pulled as tight to reach pitch. Choosing the right classical guitar is very exciting and challenging. You won’t regret it. Ambi-scalular? Cordoba's 45 is a part of Cordoba's Espana series of guitars, which follows the traditional fashion of Spain. The classical guitars we mentioned earlier are better at looks, sound quality, and playability. Also, these nylon string guitars are available in the form of classical, flamenco, and hybrid design. The other issue is that I’m mainly a sax player, and just dabble in jazz guitar (self-taught) so I’m still very much a student of guitar in that sense– Am I doing myself harm in this way…? I’ve been playing a Douglass Scott 613.5 for 2 years now. Esteso rosette inlay, gold tuners, and ebony buttons bring a great look. You may notice that these guitars are still pretty cheap in exchange for the sound quality they are offering. And the rosewood like tonality is likely to conquer your heart. For anyone who has a nagging feeling in the back of their mind about trying out short scale, don’t hesitate to do so. You're reading one of the most popular independent classical guitar publications online. I am female and 5 foot one and studied at a Conservatory for four years once. I think that allows a greater variation in dynamics since I’m now varying power quite a bit when I dig into the strings. Also, this guitar features a stunning appearance that calls anyone's attention. For smaller hands, an acoustic guitar with a small diameter neck is ideal. This made a huge difference for me. I personally wouldn’t worry about switching back and forth as scale length differences really only result in a mm or less between specific frets. Also, you will find it impressive to see the Indian rosewood body and European spruce top coated in glossy finishing. ( Guide), Solid European spruce top with solid Indian rosewood back and sides. I decided to venture into the hybrid nylon guitar dimensions. On top of that, the ebony fretboard looks great and feels very premium in hands. It is also a joy to play and very comfortable. Maybe this is counter intuitive , but this lower tension can actually allow the top of the guitar to move more freely, and actually produce more sound. I cannot tell any difference in volume or bass output. I really regret not trying them out sooner. You will have the right feeling of playing a traditional acoustic guitar with the added benefit of the thin neck and straight fingerboard. I finally realized yesterday (duh) that the second guitar is a short scale instrument, hence easier with both chorded and single-string playing. Corporations and social media have caused falling revenues across the web making it increasingly challenging for independent publishers. Playing guitar for me is all about enjoyment. It is 640 scale and has a raised fingerboard that bolts on thru the back of the neck. Black and white ebony ensure a striking look. below photo source: scottclassicalguitars.com. The best classical guitar strings, based on popular opinion, reliability, and tone, are the EJ45 Alto Horn Mute set from D’Addario (Amazon). Up for debate. A rosewood fingerboard and bridge intensify the tonal characteristics. Marcus: I’ve found that scale length does not really alter the sound much, at least not with my own guitars, in the context of say 640, 650, or 660 scale lengths. A classic fan bracing construction resides under the solid European spruce top. What repertoire pieces and passages, for example, are easier on smaller scale? The action is unbelievable for a cheap discount store guitar. Its solid cedar top is responsible for producing the right balance of warm and bright sound. This stage-ready flamenco guitar is a combo of a great look, fantastic tone, and great sound regardless of the different music genres you love to play. I love it. If you are an electric lover or you often need to play at the higher frets, you may prefer a classical guitar with a cutaway. This acoustic guitar of Espana series takes inspiration from the old-world craftsmanship and design. The degree of wood vibration also depends on finishing. Then Ovation 1773AX can be an ideal choice for you. Nineteenth century guitars are tiny and they can project quite well. The bracing gives you an exciting playing experience along with an acoustic output. Some of our chosen guitars may appear a little pricey. What would I gain by struggling to stretch three frets? The sound can be very lovely and without one of my 650s for direct comparison, diminished volume is not obvious…. #5 Cordoba C9 - Canadian Cedar Top - Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Review. Moreover, you should pay attention to the tonewood quality fused at the guitar's back, sides, and neck. The stiffer tension will be felt by the player. The rosewood formulation produces a very warm and clear sound. Other wooded components like binding, fan bracing, bridges, and fretboard can also enhance the tonal effect.

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