How wonderful. "The list is the origin of culture,” Umberto Eco. What a civilized way to spend a day at the beach. Copyright © 2020 Gillian Longworth McGuire. I recently was asked to take over the Conde Nast Traveler Instagram stories account and share some of my favorite places in Rome. The Eternal City has changed in the more than a dozen years since I first moved here. On a large terrace above is the restaurant and views over Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni. The place to be seen, La Fontelina is a beach club near Punta Tragara and the famous Fariglioni. I just got back from the ridiculously spectacular island of Ponza and I have so much to tell you. Tel: +39 081 8371798 . Capri lovers. The best place to watch the sunset, there are 2 bars above the lido where you can have an aperitivo and watch the sun dip into the horizon. I asked my pal. Atom Instagram Guide to the Best Pizza in Rome, Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome, Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome. It’s awesome, if you can compete with the who’s hotter and cooler than who game, get right in. My favorite things to do and eat in Rome, European city breaks, and the best information on Italian beaches and islands. A thirty minute stroll or a short bus ride down towards the Marina Piccola, Torre Saracena is about 200 steps down from the main road. La Fontelina. ( But if you want to see another more relaxed side of the island, ask a local and if you are lucky they will share. Cala Fonte da U'Russulill - Ponza {Best Beach Club... Visit Gillian Longworth McGuire's profile on Pinterest. We settled under our umbrellas, fired up our kindles and read and swam until it was lunchtime. If you are out on the water you can call and they will send a small boat to come and get you. This would never happen in the states, where the most one could expect was a burger and fries. ), A Perfect Day in Rome; What to see and Where to Eat, Four Things to do on the Island of Salina, Torre Saracena - Capri {Best Beach Clubs in Italy}. Post Comments What you find when you arrive is transparent aquamarine water, a narrow beach of white pebbles and a wooden jetty over the water set with chars and umbrellas. 25 euro to enter plus 10-15 for chair/bed. La Fontelina. I do love a slice of greasy pizza and a cup of frozen custard on the boardwalk too! Torre Saracena Capri Best Beach Clubs in Italy. I Faraglioni. I remember 40 years ago going to the beach in Italy and being so surprised when it came time for lunch. Next to the kitchen are shallow saltwater fed pools that are filled with live oysters, clams and more varieties of lobster than I knew existed. Best beach clubs: FONTELINA. Super chic, you pay a premium to hang with the it crowd. Powered by, We were in Capri to celebrate Mark's birthday this year and still wanted to spend the day at a beach club but one that was laid back and not part of the Wolf of Wall Street style scene that can be Capri in August. A lot. Super chic every blogger/ almost-famous americana is here. I get it. Fresh oysters, tiny pepper flecked sautéed shrimp,cold octopus salad, chunks of lobster on pacheri pasta, and the dish I am still thinking about; pasta e piselli, a comforting mix of basil, peas, cheese and spaghetti. It is very civilized indeed. We were very happy with a cold bottle of local Falanghina. I am a Rome based blogger, beach girl, ebook writer, information curator, traveler, coffee and cocktail drinker. "The list is the origin of culture,” Umberto Eco. Some things are arguably worse now, like p... View this post on Instagram If you are following me over on Instagram you have probably seen my series of mini-guides. We meandered off the beach to a small restaurant where we were served a proper meal. My favorite things to do and eat in Rome, European city breaks, and the best information on Italian beaches and islands. There are some important wines on the list of that is your thing. If you only get to visit Capri once or even just once a year your Instagram feed needs to have at least one of those places the magazines tell you are so great. The food here is extraordinary. Top Capri Beach & Pool Clubs: See reviews and photos of beach & pool clubs in Capri, Italy on Tripadvisor.

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