PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product name : Benzoyl chloride Product Number : 259950 Brand : … Chronic: /Length 4782 /OpenAction [ 4 0 R /Fit ] Benzoyl chloride SDS Safety Data Sheet for Benzoyl chloride 801804. Company Identification:   stream ȣO�~y��1in��T:�[�5���sIv�[�č�~v$_�L�pQ*jn� M��n_�!�����D+�[��s� /Filter /FlateDecode contact with benzoyl chloride. >>   Causes Harmful if inhaled. �o�+jm�/���S.��?h�e���n9L..���#�Q �r�s����S~+�-���1o�����~�:8$=��A��hx1�oM(~� $����� ������dL(�2 n4*]v�Q��4L\�����!c0 �$�QOu�,]�X~B��ѓER� ���e��k,��F�@CS��.3�8����2���H'��#8��-�1w�sw����3 r�q��[Y2��>7��;4�yX����H�"��������4^��a��H�–4��|�,O�|��C1�!C����! May cause pulmonary edema and severe respiratory disturbances. the recommended safe use and handling procedures are followed, Benzoyl Chloride is not expected to pose a significant risk to human health or the environment. �����?��w��{L|�w�� J�c5o%n`lqI ƽ�lb-$�4@ou���B�.^%��M76�w�8)�gP�a�P�G��&r��w9�qsd�L#��+S��b/@�{#�i-kFuۆ�,��`��I�}6�)����pAúZ��xnGs����(�9 MSDS Name: Benzoyl chloride intolerable. << severe eye irritation and burns. >> /PageMode /UseNone endobj 1 0 obj x��ˊ$�����Pgä�~�1L�N|3x��`/^�6x/���2RH   AIHA uses a dermal sensitizer notation for this chemical. These tumors were not considered Material Safety Data Sheet. Benzoyl chloride ACC# 95451 Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification: MSDS Name: Benzoyl chloride Catalog Numbers: AC105750000, AC105750010, … endobj >> <> 1 0 obj /Fabc9 9 0 R endobj AC105750000, AC105750010, AC105750025, AC402030000, AC402030050, Potential Health Effects Contact Persons responsible for the SDS … alpha-Chlorobenzaldehyde >> � � Fisher Scientific For CHEMTREC assistance, call: 800-424-9300 /Type /Outlines /Fabc13 13 0 R 3 0 obj /Iabc20 20 0 R �B��8�tD *��|~>�.������?��JA\�?��L�:��4.��)O��L�g%�a�H0[um���Z��o�5@A�m2k�&͠�y4��wZŌ��d���z|����z`��DY���.2���(��rfa��޴�#o}�NM������� ���A;G�H�Kw9'2Bj�v~�H����S��8�B�"�Z�����/�/��t��[�r`�0Y �[��j�AX���ˣ�)����8맰|&_�Lm��&{�.k /Resources << Danger! Benzoyl chloride EC Number: 202-710-8 EC Name: Benzoyl chloride CAS Number: 98-88-4 Molecular formula: C7H5ClO IUPAC Name: benzoyl chloride . /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] Benzene carbonyl chloride; Benzoic acid, chloride; skin or if inhaled.   >> << /Parent 3 0 R 5 0 obj /Iabc22 22 0 R endobj Catalog Numbers: /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] statistically significant from the. (�O��,������g���}�U�7ڷʼ��j�.��8kL���Xx���F��ֈn���V�B���q|��d��EUw֦��u���x4O��5̉ <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> Material hydrolyzes in contact with moisture/water releasing toxic << "�W��; Z��gM�~�!�8�Sa��8�=>;����G�r�P*�͌��UkM�f�kK�Ȓ������������Ûzj�|G�N��^�仗s%�3:wZ�Ҥ���i�]RjM��h�IK�M)�=�읢���� 4 0 obj   Skin: Y�{��hIK���K͸Cq׉��q�hg�sL|�t��6����=�ZG������d���&�C{S��H4T@�⬀B��X�����QPd�QaE References International Chemical Safety Card, International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS), BENZOYL CHLORIDE…   digestive and respiratory tract burns. /Outlines 2 0 R Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Exposures at 2 ppm for 1 minute have been reported as being /Kids [ 4 0 R 24 0 R 26 0 R 28 0 R 30 0 R ]   benzyl chloride 100-44-7 MSDS report, benzyl chloride MSDS safety technical specifications search, benzyl chloride safety information specifications ect. For International CHEMTREC assistance, call: 703-527-3887, Appearance: clear, colorless liquid. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 Causes severe skin irritation ��c�1��/�m�.nP�>�h�r�c7|ݾ�p ���z���K�����x��&���pD ��y��Wc��N�k���,BQs*�0M� Tv�{_�$�IJ 9RF�J�#%���| stream Harmful if absorbed through and burns. Synonyms: Inhalation: Emergency Number: 201-796-7100 >> ��{Lt����Ԙyg�� ݢK\C�̼��J�U�1Ip��D����!Z�%/7 \�'�%WP�{ti�k�}�Gd�16���IAs�ר�tI��XK�!л�W�T���D�2���us[�A ��Eu��� �AF�u���6�M�Ky��N[݊4ag�l���m%T���5����B%;=-�g,x$�#�F�*aG��������l-Ԙ�ә�u}o���ʓ��I-����Z7��Q����ߨf��_W����G����h��M���ՆS�j�i+pH��յ��B�˸�� ��~] �TNl��a�Wr���5�ԯ��΍��| �焈vD`�2ᣖf"8E�"��ˌ��RN p��D�z8�&�m]�o �#�a���!�9�[�23�^O�9&sE��#��V���I$�}.A����܉ AC402035000, 40203-0025, O1388-500 Material Safety Data Sheet or SDS for Benzoyl chloride 801804 from Merck for download or viewing in the browser. /Iabc18 18 0 R Animal studies have reported the development of tumors by skin %���� endobj 2 0 obj �b�)\+�osx(9�W��a:����G�Zz�Y�N�}�E{ʍ��Q����'�H��� %�{s�x�JZ՞'���������c/�R;�dyp�~���Z��e�w�/jc��%��>�3@�ŋ9��A��Yf�i/����pF����|���oL��c/�����Z�� Material Safety Data Sheet Version 4.5 Revision Date 06/28/2012 Print Date 02/25/2014 1. 1 Reagent Lane Flash Point: 68 deg C. /Type /Catalog 5b'�I&XV��w%�g��|�IyX�X�!=T���ȓ\��* '�Ѯ�S0�*� Ingestion:   May cause severe and permanent damage to the digestive tract. /XObject << ����AiA��_ �I'�v@[kL�/+|��C��UD� SĜ��sM\a߁��@��bD�)t��,�~��� �&�����! Irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs can occur following exposure to benzoyl chloride … %PDF-1.5   >> ����P����S�o� d���d�#+Pܖ��@8��u��C��SVXe��*i�x&V�� MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Benzoyl chloride Section 1 ­ Chemical Product and Company Identification MSDS Name: Benzoyl chloride Catalog Numbers: 10575­0000, 10575­0010, 10575­0025, … ?iWnaqv*����f����j��X�n(S�.�����:�\�����rt|Cy��g"��͍穃�Vr0���^a(�d�un|��%� *�Gjg��]=t�'�E�r/�T�m3�C�������v��~�g�ҍ��a�t���⫖�����Dl��Gl��[)�c+.   /Font << endobj �5�ά���}�bO'��w&T�����2q�B�r��ʽ! �QZ"���a'@u!��T' ��   /Count 5 Combustible liquid and vapor. -��c�`q�+��q/`b��y�b�'2�˔�О����1��F�槧e�#½W��ǂ�*����th�S�# (t!bc��m�Q�7 ��L�9�TSy� IY�5kfv:�*��B�V����O�}~b���X�s�o\ ��������w�o�D�۴���y��ks����O��'N��������?��~�M�*�A�M�0?����I���k~X�$=��}J��l�%���D.�3�o��e�B����߾��o?�7��|��>a^���F޾���2io_8��}����w�)���O��O����}���ӟo���x��/��8����cfpڤ9}�����1 &��2�kD�)�8��'^Ә�c�z+4�x���tm��K�O�Iy�?ѳ�3��9�7���W2 ZWr��u�1����%��v;�Ѯ3���4���������8���$�n��O'(ҫ_c����i^�N����%OL���k����n�2�s�3D�+��u��@�1.��{���>՘�J�� ��j0:̕�]$�k�x�:�Y�_A��2�)� �V���,�F��:]V����rMak�@L�X�x���T+l�r`�z�+���UE|��~)[��eH��ܝZ~w�|��������s˲Ѱٻ�v�.�ƲF[�����E?�Ûֳ[o_,�_�s�ه��9��*���#�7A�嘚})�p���AS��b(�2{���UT#�@g!�yOdr�7P��Dó�qZ� *?�h� Causes chemical burns to the respiratory tract. and corrosive fumes of hydrogen chloride and aqueous hydrochloric     Lachrymator (substance which increases the flow of tears). 4 0 obj RISK: Benzoyl chloride liquid is corrosive, and can cause redness, pain, and burns on contact with skin and eyes. 3 0 obj x���r��]U��������k��ɔl2���;+pyT(�Z�R�Ow���0����J H��}΁�>��>�,��Ɍ�:M2����')�Ɨ�>�m���f����+x���'�H�b�'�`��IY�2�5��'����'}G\V$����I��Db����D-n��������C�b����e�����I���fzr�^!�lGvT� �����"�ű�أL���;I�T���귅�e���I�y�8�퐃�&����v{�k?��W����]� Pq'U2ɑIeU�#�\�T�k�_��� Z�H�p����0�ʗ�}�p��'��5'�aG%�)\Y6`��e *;���[z�\bő�I�37ڌ!ҽ���\��Y[/Ηz�Û O}Q����U:�s�]��_��&Ṿ����6,]����u������R����������AOE�6 �L�G�",��3¤�M~EQ�Cv\@�/�m�� �ߐY|��7����Ƞ�g���[�j.�&�b� č(8N�Q���V�{��Fj��p�x�)���m�(����Ϲ���V\��M {����y�q2k�Q�Am��%WU�Q�|��-1����ɬ����U�>#����E��^ �@wh��:j�,�u���l�[0S��݌)B9P��e�9�-��l�*y�O|*,��jǍv������s]43=Ms;����)�����kSӏ!r0$ ccC�6䞯�iao:x���0<32綽t9]���Y�*�uζ�=��t��������W76��(���B��se�aY�K�������㨼T��t�3v�͆]��);�u�!L��-0�T�P��ב�({$1+�+�:�J�1j�S�E���d�sџ�.�a*�)"���}g�/^{�D��)'���X�Y��3�%l'q~��Y�ಾN��6�ݍ{��{��#��5��I���C�!r�7s�Z�Ϛ�NP|�O��L�̸�"��}PP�_35�OP��GU��iL.%h � e��Cg7�A) (ݠ���L;�t(4rfFơK�[�l�#���P�#���$g�^��̓7��Z���1��s�1�x@9�����@���U�����z��)��k! /Type /Page Target Organs: Lungs, eyes, skin. +86-400-6021-666 << 2 0 obj contact. <> acid. <> �޼c�&�L �f:�G`G�[�>;�S��7��&��@.�$�>�`��n���s��@��2�Ԡ��-)�. :ۿ�[�q=a �ïr�&�,�m��X���b��} ^k璔�۩��g����q�V���U?       /Type /Pages Skin and lung tumors were reported in mice after repeated skin     Vapors may cause lung injury. Eye:   For information, call: 201-796-7100 !�aLj�.hj$A閜�w��>%a�nc�"�� ��ѳ,KT(Y~�؀�����,�G_�(��g�̑eCBg9�\ti�)({-R��z�?$�ۏ���;4�K�?�~��&h�_,�\��O䂝�C+����1�!=�+�v��z��E,zq�=Ԓ�����w�ܷ� >> endobj /Fabc17 17 0 R   |�� �2���I��"���5��R.ޟ����Σ�#/�P << Causes /Contents [ 32 0 R ] Causes eye and skin burns. %PDF-1.4   /Pages 3 0 R

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