Those are rational reasons why to prefer one knife over the other. That is all you need to do for a stellar slicer. Benchmade Bugout Review. The interesting thing is that my three favorite locks are varying degrees of simplicity. I’ve saved the most important stat for last. There is one drawback to the AXIS lock design, however. Which means that so long as your pockets are not oddly shallow, it disappears in your pocket. This is the best rendition of the Axis lock I have seen and the Axis lock, aside from its sluggish deployment, is one of my favorites ever. The Bugout features a moderately textured Grivory handle. His work often has him traveling overseas to places far away like China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam so he's eager to get his hands on anything that can make his travel life more comfortable. Truly, my only gripe with this knife is the Grivory polymer handles. All top shelf pieces. Plus, if you want to add more robustness and weight to the knife there is a healthy mod community full of numerous options (more on that later). cough::Drop Gent::cough. All Rights Reserved, Lightweight, practical blade, decent spec, solid warranty, A little pricey, handle may appear cheap to some. Or if to add more heft and give the Bugout a premium feel, you can opt for Titanium, Copper, Brass, and G10. But man is only partially a rational animal, regardless of what Aristotle says. They have worked out any brittleness or chipping and the steel is not quite the bear it used to be to sharpen. But whether you’re looking for a knife that can keep pace with you on the trail or just act as a solid plan B – it’s hard to beat the Bugout. Here is video review from Slicey Dicey. As with all AXIS Locks, the process can be rather fiddley. As two of the leaders in the production knife world Spyderco and Benchmade have been in competition with each other for decades. You’d think shrinking the grip down would impact how well the knife handles, but it doesn’t. Novel Carry is reader-supported. Shouldn’t we be paying less since it has less steel in its construction?” I understand the question, and, in a lot of ways, I agree. The performance ratios attest to this greatness. The edge from the factory was razor-sharp; in fact, in my first night playing with the knife, I took a chunk out of my pinky finger with almost no blade force at all! But, to my surprise, this turned out to be one of my favorite daily companions. And that is saying something. That puts this knife into an interesting class: it’s more expensive than most knives you’ll find at Walmart and toward the bottom third of pricing for mass market knives at a dedicated gun & knife shop. One of the most common complaints I’ve heard about the Bugout goes a little something like this: “Why are they charging so much money for a knife with an intentionally lightweight design? The Bugout is one of the lightest pocket knives in its size class but is still plenty durable to stand up to any daily cutting tasks you put in front of it.

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