The history of doing enemas goes way back to the Egyptians. Known as “The Detox Queen” Andrea has taken the media by storm & has an impressive social media following with her first YouTube channel Andrea Cox TV hitting over 4 million views. sea salt and baking soda Risks and what to avoid Enemas — particularly homemade enemas that contain coffee or citrus juice — can cause significant adverse effects. Clean your enema equipment and store it to be used for another time.

Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Your Tango, On FOX and on The John Salley Show amongst others.

An enema is also helpful when patients undergo rehydration therapy.

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Sit on the toilet then wait for several minutes until you release what is needed to be expelled. One of the more unknown uses is to reduce temperature. Now, due to the high effectiveness of baking soda for indigestion, it has been utilized for enema too, as it helps in restoring the pH balance of the body. After the entire solution enters into your body, it is time for you to remove the nozzle and stay at the same position for a particular time till the natural movement starts. Baking Soda Enema Recipe • 1 to 2 table spoons of baking soda.• 2 quarts of warm and filtered water.• 2 tsp sea salt • Mix well before use.The temperature should be between, 100 to 101 degree Fahrenheit. The enema solution is simply made up of 1 liter of water and 2 Tablespoons of baking soda. So many health problems persist because the body can’t clear itself of poisons. The importance of getting rid of the toxins present in the body is paramount. Then sit on the toilet seat and wait for the toxins and fecal matter to release. But using a baking soda enema on a more frequent basis has many health benefits (more on that below). Once the solution from the bag has been transferred, you can now remove the nozzle and hold your position for a while. The patient should be observed regularly for any signs of adverse side effects. We also make sure that every piece of vital information is backed by proper science-based research work published in reputable sites, international journals, and educational institutions. The main point of this procedure is to take in the enema solution and hold it in until the natural peristaltic movement of the body starts. Read the instructions as stated on the enema bag and follow them step by step.

Baking soda enema is the best way to get rid of the sluggish colon that results in low energy, headache, and various other problems that increase your discomfort in the day to day life. Any choices I make or injuries that I incur from recommendations made during my coaching appointments are fully my responsibility. Andrea runs Spiritual fasting detox retreats in San Diego. The best enemas consist of water mixed with baking soda or dissolved mild soap.

An enema just acts as a stimulant for the bowel. However, if it is just for colon cleansing, then it is ok to drink water.

This will eventually restore the amount of pH in the body. CONFIDENTIALITY: I understand that in order to protect my privacy, if I terminate my coaching, any assignment work or information about our coaching sessions will be deleted from my coach’s files.

Filed Under: Health Articles, Health Tips, Self Care, Uncategorized, Weight Loss Tagged With: baking soda enema, coffee enema, ENEMA, garlic enema, The benefits of doing an enema, What are the benefits of a baking soda enema?, What are the benefits of doing an enema? Baking soda enema is the best way to get rid of the sluggish colon that results in low energy, headache, and various other problems that increase your discomfort in the day to day life. I often play soft music, burn a candle and read some positive affirmations. But enema is a practice undertaken for the stimulation of the stool evacuation.

These appointments may take place in person or by phone. Cleansing enemas comes in many forms and you can use any of them but the highly recommended one is the baking soda enema.

Since then, Andrea has dedicated her life to helping others overcome their battle with food addictions, cancer and many other degenerative diseases.

My Top 10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast! For the preparation of the solution of enema, you will need only two ingredients which are baking soda and water.

Do you want to indulge in some of the simplest home remedies for colon cleansing and adopt a simple method to do it? You will need an enema bag and kit. Can’t Stop Sneezing? She also loves to incorporate yoga and fitness into her everyday life.

Hold the rectal tip down the bucket then open the clamp. It is also used for after-surgery care and promotes faster healing.

Andrea’s been featured in the media nationally on both TV & with her writings and publications. The body really has its own mind and it knows when it needs to be taken care of.

Enemas generally cleanse the lower section of the colon.

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