Thanks for sharing! Now that you know which ingredients are best for hair, choose one to four to create your own herbal hair rinse. Bringing Women Together in a Journey to Self Care and Self Love ❤️ If you battle with heart disease or diabetes, the properties in jasmine will help to fight those. I will certainly try this! It comes in many forms, including fresh or dried leaves, liquid neem extract, powders, pastes or oil. Hi Evelyn! You can find the instructions for it here:, Your email address will not be published. Your... © Henna Sooq - Hair Dye, Healthy Hair Care, Body Art All Rights Reserved. Good Morning Anna. We do suggest trying them out individually first so you can really listen to your hair and get an accurate read on what works best, first. Hi dear. It has iron, calcium and vitamin B-6 in it, along with some powerful antioxidants as well. Hope this helps. Camilla Sinensis (Black tea) - Possibly the most surprising herb on the list, black tea rinses have many natural benefits. It is the kind that we definitely recommend that you don’t rinse out! Since I make my own lotions with herbal infusions and decoctions for the water portion and I always seem to have more than I need for the lotion, I use the leftovers for a hair rinse. It strengthens the hair shaft, protects against hair loss, prevents premature greying, soothes scalp issues. But aside from all of the ways that herbal tea does your body good, you might be surprised to know that certain kinds are miracle cures for your hair too. Cap the jar and shake to mix, or stir with a spoon. Maybe it is still good if you kept it in the fridge, but ideally, you want to make ‘fresh’ tea and use it as soon as possible. Just pour into a bowl and apply. Let the herbs brew for at least 4 hours. Except that in this case, being a natural resource we have at our disposal, we will do herbal tea rinses. There are many factors that can interfere with the health of our hair such as chemical treatments, use of heat, environment, stress, hormone unbalance or diet. From left to right: Scalp Therape Conditioner by TheraNeem Organix ($14.95); Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner by CURLS ($20); Pre-Shampoo Conditioner by Auromere Ayurvedic Imports ($8.95) To maintain highlights use your hair rinse recipe weekly or bi-weekly. First time I have ever used tea. Herbal hair rinse is a gentler way to clean your hair as well as nourish them.

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