National Center for Environmental Information. The arctic slope has a range extending from the upper 40s to Official records claim Fairbanks has felt the weather get only as cold as minus 62 °F (-52.2 °C), which occurred at the airport on December 12, 1961. google_ad_slot = "2840723465"; The greatest seasonal temperature Anchorage dropped to minus 15 degrees Wednesday morning, which is the first time that has happened there since Jan. 28, 2012. Lowest Temperature-79.8° F (-62° C) at Prospect Creek on January 23, 1971. Support WHO’s work to track the spread; to ensure patients get care and frontline workers get supplies; and to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests, and treatments. to -10. Alaska Weather Records Lowest Temperature-79.8° F (-62° C) at Prospect Creek on January 23, 1971. google_ad_slot = "0025806968"; 2016. For instance: When was the last time Anchorage got colder than -25 °F? contrast is found in the central and eastern portion of the continental -20° F. Alaska NOTE: These records were compiled using unofficial climate data obtained from the National Weather Service Anchorage forecast office. How Winter Fashion Has Changed in 100 Years (PHOTOS), Eerie Vintage Photos of People Battling the Flu. Alaska's mean google_ad_slot = "6502182866"; Several weather stations measured these bouts of bitter cold. interior. the sitka climate normals for today normal record year maximum temperature (f) 45 56 2002 minimum temperature (f) 36 21 2006 sunrise and sunset november 7 2020.....sunrise 7:27 am akst sunset 4:02 pm akst november 8 2020.....sunrise 7:29 am akst sunset 4:00 pm akst - indicates negative numbers. precipitation Alaska's below -70 weather most often occurs in January, as part of a multi-day, wide-spread cold snap. Given the sunny forecast the next 7 days, it is a certainty that Anchorage will have no measurable snow for the month of March. Meanwhile, Northeastern cities such as Boston are still awaiting a 70-degree day more than a week after spring officially began. On Saturday, Anchorage is expecting a high of 46 F, which will be warmer than many places in the Plains, stretching as far south as Oklahoma. Average monthly precipitation is … the 20s. (CNN)Much of the country will see a dive in temperatures this weekend, but Alaska continues to bake with record highs. Comparative Climatic Data. Multiple locations were found. Klawock, a town in southeastern Alaska, reached 70 F on March 19 -- the earliest any spot in the state has hit that high. Parts of the state have had their earliest 70-degree readings on record. As impressive as Prospect Creek’s minus 80 seems today (when we in Fairbanks tend to get grumpy at minus 30), Alaska’s record is not North America’s all-time low. Lowest Annual Normal Temperature 9.3° F (-12.6° C) at Barrow (U.S. Record) Lowest Summer Normal Temperature June–August 36.4° F (2.4° C) at Barrow (U.S. Record) Alaska's record for most consecutive days with the high temperature equal to or exceeding 70 degrees was set during three occurrences and two stations with 48 days. In the maritime zone, the The average daily high temperature was minus 22.7 during the frigid month when Alaska’s all-time low temperature was set. Some cities saw their coldest lows in several years. Type at least three characters to start auto complete. Just the second time on record. Questions? The lowest temperature measured during that time was -34 degrees Fahrenheit (-37 … Several weather stations measured these bouts of bitter cold. More records are expected to be broken this weekend, with temperatures soaring as much as 50 degrees above normal in. Below is a map of locations that have fallen to 70 degrees below zero or colder in their recorded history. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3461982037800143"; The warming trend in Alaska is nothing new, however. Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano, shattered average temperature records by 5 degrees or more, For the Third Year in a Row, Earth Has Warmest Year on Record in 2016, coldest reading there since a minus-51-degree low on Jan. 29, 2012, The Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded in All 50 States. near 0; in the maritime-continental zone, the range is from the low 60s CNN's Monica Garrett contributed to this report. Advertisement (MORE: The Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded in All 50 States). The coldest blast of weather set the US's record low temperature of minus 80 °F (-62.2 … In addition, the high temperature did not even reach zero degrees. That was the coldest low in the western Alaska town since a minus-55-degree temperature on Jan. 4, 2012. //-->,