Once the airman's trainer(s) have certified that they are qualified to perform all tasks related to that assignment, and once they complete the CDC, including the final closed-book written test, they are upgraded to the five-skill level and are considered to be certified to perform their job with minimal supervision. The first step to apply for a translator job was to put on a set of headphones and write various answers to spoken questions. In addition, airmen must pass a flight class III medical examination. Having said that, I can say that the management was often heavy-handed but for the most part fair, my co-workers were 90% fantastic and 10% cancerous, and the hardest part of the job was the incredible academic and continuation training requirements inherent to my particular job. Air Force linguists, also known as cryptologic linguists, are enlisted soldiers whose work involves obtaining and understanding foreign intelligence in its native language. When required for a current or pending assignment, must successfully complete a polygraph examination and meet all customer access eligibility requirements. Prospective Army Cryptologic Linguists (MOS 35P) must also receive a “Top Secret” security clearance from the Department of Defense in addition to the ASVAB and DLAB. A typical day at work changed a lot over the six years of my Air Force career. I was so ecstatic when I found this forum and ran searches everywhere to get some clues, but that didn't prove fruitful n For the people that did not read my other post here is my background. The other thing to consider about flying is you are much more restricted medically. Work as an Air Force Cryptologic Language Analyst, Being a Flight Attendant in the Air Force 1A6x1 - What the Job Entails, All About a Career in Air Force Aircrew Equipment, Specific Duties of Air Force 3D1X1 (Client Systems Careers), Air Force RF Transmission Systems AFSC Job, How to Get Started in Cyber Systems Operations, Overview of 8 Great Air Force Aircrew Careers, Air Force Enlisted Jobs, AFSC 3D1X5, Radar, The Specifics of Air Force Jobs in Cyber Transport. 3. What Does an Air Force Spectrum Operations Personnel Do. Linguists are not just translators, but are part of the aircrew. Often it's critical for this data to be analyzed quickly to prevent imminent threats, so airborne cryptologic language analysts, who generally are fluent in a foreign language, are a key part of protecting Air Force personnel while in flight. The hardest part for me about the job, besides the hours, was that if you made a mistake or had difficulty adjusting to the steep-learning curve; you'd receive negative marks and few chances for redemption. Airman 1st Class Jake Maynard: The teaching staff there is unique in that they all are native speakers. Time spent away from family, dwell-time duties were often pointless and tedious (sweeping clean sidewalks, etc.

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