Discover the roles and get ready to safeguard the skies with technology. Further information on the aptitude testing requirements can be found here. They will develop the skills necessary for working in more complex environments involving intelligence support to multiple units or a range of operational environments. /  However, entry will be conditional upon successfully completing your first year of tertiary studies. This is followed by the annual Chief of the Defence Force Parade, after which the academic year commences. Following this training you will be required to complete a workbook and will be posted to a shore base and ships to consolidate what you have learned. You may apply after successfully completing the first semester of your first year of university studies (at a minimum of Bachelors level). They will be employed as intelligence analysts/managers at FHQ or HQJOC, and as analysts/managers in the strategic agencies. The application process to join the Australian Defence Force requires you to complete a series of aptitude tests which may include verbal, spatial and numerical ability and a general maths test. On completion of IET, usually at the Sub-Lieutenant (SBLT) or Lieutenant (LEUT) rank, Intelligence Officers typically qualify and be awarded the Intelligence Primary Qualification as Tier 1 - Intelligence Operator. • Business management Intelligence Officer: BA, BSc, BTech (Aero), BBus Organisational Suitability Assessment (OSA) required for work in national agencies Top Secret (Positive Vetting) security clearance is required from commencement of Initial Employment Training until discharge from service, regardless of current posting. • Politics In light of current events, Defence Force Recruiting is conducting all sessions virtually. Defence Academy Entry Officers become liable to an IMPS from appointment into the ADF. For more details download our Tier 3 Senior Intelligence Officer. In general terms, this debt accrues (increases) whilst undertaking study, with the maximum debt reached on completion of study. Opportunities also exist for (typically) short periods (4 - 6 months) of operational service overseas. Subjects include Defence Force rank structure, Officer development, Officers' Mess etiquette, and general Navy knowledge. However, the Services will allow you to resign at any time up to the end of either the first or second year of academic studies. No, the evidence from the young officers who have followed this program so far is that it is highly motivating. Once you are settled in to the Australian Defence Force Academy you will undertake six weeks of military training, to prepare you for Service life. Throughout your career as an Intelligence Officer, you will progress from participating in the general intelligence staff process, either as a staff officer or operator, to managing and leading the intelligence process. Ours is a dynamic place to work and play, where you can reach your potential in many ways. You will be required to obtain Australian Citizenship as early as possible following enlistment or appointment. Establish, operate and maintain the sophisticated communication and surveillance systems that are the eyes and ears of the Air Force, in one of these rewarding ICT roles. Personnel Capability Officer: BBus, BA (Business) Individual components of the RANST are fundamentally related to the survival at sea scenario. Emma, Intelligence Officer, "The intelligence we provide goes towards the bigger picture of keeping Australians safe" To be eligible for a Royal Australian Navy Undergraduate sponsorship, applicants must have completed the first full year of study (preferably with academic results) of a full time undergraduate degree. • Engineering Subsequent periods of service or open ended appointment may be offered subject to the requirements of the ADF and your suitability for further service. The senior Intelligence Officer will have the necessary skill sets and experience to be employed in the full range Director level positions in Navy and the Joint and combined environments, including Navy Strategic Command, FHQ, HQJOC, operational headquarters and the strategic agencies. Year 12 and obtained an entrance rank high enough to qualify for entry to the relevant degree program. To see what jobs are available now, click here. All Midshipmen destined for the Defence Academy complete a New Entry Officer Course (NEOC) at the Royal Australian Naval College, HMAS Creswell at Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast immediately following entry to the Navy in February.

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