Banks with more than $250 billion in assets, like the G-SIBs, must hold enough cash and cash-like assets (also known as “high quality liquid assets,” or HQLA) to cover 100% of daily net outflows as well as one month’s worth of cash flow. It’s hard enough to predict how many customers will withdraw funds from their personal accounts on a given day. Regardless of the cause leading to this situation, that fact that it is a bank entails some risks that extend beyond the institution. Accessed January 10, 2017. This is where capital comes into play. First, the U.S. banking sector has a unique structure compared to other advanced economies; while we have the most G-SIBs (eight), we also have many more banks in general, with a particularly well-established community bank industry, which moderates the concentration of the largest banks. The most significant costs of Dodd-Frank are captured by decreased bank lending due to three regulatory matters: capital requirements, liquidity requirements, and compliance costs. In this sense, institutions now have to meet stricter capital requirements – in terms of both amount and quality – and liquidity requirements, which have been imposed to moderate their vulnerability against possible shocks. Whenever investors lend money to corporations—by purchasing corporate bonds—they take on a certain amount of risk that exceeds what they would endure by simply holding Treasury bonds. The question we need to answer in our cost-benefit analysis is, by how much could GDP fall? Available at: Similar to capital requirements, liquidity requirements slow down lending because they increase the amount of cash that banks must set aside rather than lend out. Accessed January 10, 2017. 485, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, February 2011, p. 1. Available at: An insolvent company, or a company at risk of resolution, is one that does not have sufficient funds to pay its obligations or one that has more debts (liabilities) than assets. Accessed January 10, 2017. Accessed January 10, 2017. Paolo Angelini et al, “Basel III: Long-Term Impact on Economic Performance and Fluctuations,” Staff Report No. The center of a financial information system will be found in accounting. Available at:;  See also: United States, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, “Holding Companies with Assets Greater Than $10 Billion,” retrieved from National Information Center, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, December 12, 2015. Productivity and efficiency increases the earnings of the concern and the increase in earn­ings increases the financial strength of … Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, “An assessment of the long-term economic impact of stronger capital and liquidity requirements,” Report, Bank for International Settlements, August 18, 2010, p. 23. There’s a common equation used to determine the cost of bankruptcy. This also goes for the corresponding Basel III rules proposed by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which served as the model for Dodd-Frank’s capital and liquidity requirements. Author’s calculation. Avoiding this cost is considered to be the benefit of financial stability. Also, a set of minimum bail-in-able liability requirements, i.e. The impact of regulations outside of this scope, such as Volcker Rule and the Qualified Mortgage Rule, should be studied as well. One potential effect of capital and liquidity requirements could be reduced availability of safe assets. On top of this, others, like Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, have argued that the Volcker Rule has reduced the number of firms willing to play the role of market maker, which can exacerbate volatile market conditions. SIFIs must file “living wills” to facilitate bankruptcy under Dodd-Frank’s Orderly Liquidation Authority. Available at: Right from the start, it is clear he has a keen sense of humor. There’s an important distinction between expected losses and social costs. Note: The cost impact of liquidity levels diminishes as capital levels are increased. Available at: Available at: He points to the October 15, 2014, “Flash Crash” as evidence.25, That being said, it’s still debated whether Dodd-Frank has affected market liquidity at all.  A crucial element of this new resolution framework is the fact that bank creditors, and not taxpayers, have to assume the recapitalization costs in case of resolution. For all other banks, which collectively hold one-third of total U.S. bank assets, we refer to data from the FDIC showing that U.S. banking institutions have raised their total risk-based capital by 1.28 percentage points compared to pre-crisis levels.20, SIFIs must meet 70% of the new liquidity requirement, while non-SIFIs are completely exempt. Accessed January 10, 2017. This burden, some argue, makes it more difficult and more expensive for banks to serve everyday Americans. United States, Government Accountability Office, “Dodd-Frank Regulations: Impacts on Community Banks, Credit Unions and Systemically Important Institutions,” GAO-16-169, December 30, 2015, p. 42-43. They define SRISK as the expected capital shortfall in a crisis. Now imagine how much more complicated that gets with large investment accounts. United States, Government Accountability Office, “Resolution Plans: Regulators Have Refined Their Review Processes but Could Improve Transparency and Timeliness,” GAO-16-341, April 12, 2016. Since then, he left Spain to continue his professional growth in BBVA in Portugal, Peru and Mexico. Spanish and European institutions will need to start complying with these as of 2016 (the so-called MREL). The probability that another one could happen will never be 0%. One simply multiplies the probability of a bankruptcy event happening by the losses that would be incurred. The process of writing and revising living wills can be time- and resource-intensive, especially for banks that are required to resubmit them after failing initial review. Financial control increases productivity and efficiency of the concern. Available at: For starters, there’s a variety of annual and quarterly reporting that banks must submit to industry regulators to disclose their financial positions. Highs won’t be as high, but lows won’t be as low, either. Seung Jung Lee and Viktors Stebunovs, “Bank Capital Pressures, Loan Substitutability, and Nonfinancial Employment,” Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, International Finance Discussion Papers, April 2016, No. Available at: If the benefits are greater, then it passes the test. Paolo Angelini et al, “Basel III: Long-Term Impact on Economic Performance and Fluctuations,” Staff Report No. This is what happened during the last financial crisis. That means that on average, in any given year after Dodd-Frank is fully phased in, the U.S. economy will be 1.91% larger than it would have been without the law. Jeremy Stein, “Incorporating Financial Stability Considerations into a Monetary Policy Framework,” Speech, International Research Forum on Monetary Policy, Washington, DC, March 21, 2014. Yet it is also the most reputable source for research on global banking regulation. Available at: Available at: United States, Government Accountability Office, “Dodd-Frank Regulations: Impacts on Community Banks, Credit Unions and Systemically Important Institutions,” GAO-16-169, December 30, 2015, p. 24-25. Available at: 1161, p. 5. The most conservative estimate, 0.77% of GDP, assumes that the effects of a future financial crisis would be temporary. SIFIs must also participate in government-run stress tests. When credit availability declines, real economic activity suffers, with consumption, investment, and output all dropping off.34 Gilchrist and Zakrajsek found that a shock of one percentage point in EBP during one quarter is associated with a two percentage point reduction in GDP growth and a 1.7 percentage point increase in the unemployment rate over the following year.35 To put this into perspective, EBP jumped from around 0% at the beginning of 2007 to a record high of 2.75% at the end of 2008, with a shock of about 1.5 percentage points in the third quarter of 2008 alone.36.

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