I love writing about the latest in marketing & advertising. After analysing the purchase process of their customers, they came to conclusion that the interactive experience and the availability, convenience and the size of the product offerings plays a major role in a successful distribution strategy. Speed is an important pillar in this strategy. Biggest sportswear manufacturer of Europe & one of the biggest in the world, Adidas is segmented based on demographic, psychographic & behavioural factors. However, in comparison to its competitor Nike, its appeal in North America where basketball is more popular is lower. Its broad and diverse sports portfolio, from major global sports such as football and running, to regional heartbeat sports such as American football and rugby, has enabled the brand to transcend cultures and become one of the most recognized and iconic global brands, on and off the field of play. Lower promotional prices attract customers where they are also offered the regular higher priced items. To maximize impact and resources, in key markets and cities, the adidas brand will prioritize those sports that are most significant in terms of local culture, participation and national pride. In this way, Adidas promises to infuse energy in sports with its products. Due to the presence of counterfeit products & high bargaining power of customers it is very difficult for these players to sustain in the market. The portfolio is divided as follows. While Nike’s connection with basketball is deep, Adidas has focused more on soccer and golf. This three pronged strategy has three pillar – speed, cities and open source. The brand is trying to create a difference and the new strategic changes could are a major step in the direction of developing a financially successful and sustainable brand. Adidas’ deep connection with sports and particularly football is evident in its marketing strategy. In order to associate itself with the community it has sponsored many world sport events such as FIFA, UEFA, NBA, Cricket & Olympics. Its target market is mainly the youth. Globally it has 2400 stores accounting $4.3 billion business (2014 data). see innovation. Unleash your creativity, Find Focus, Claim Freedom, Live without limits; these all are the themes of its promotional campaigns and slogans meant to energise and motivate athletes and sportsmen. Two of them, Adidas original and Adidas football have more than 20 million followers each. Depending on the number of points, exclusive benefits are unlocked, including access to hype sneaker and apparel drops or invitations to special events. To be successful across consumer segments, Adidas acknowledged that a strategy of mass production or mass marketing is no longer sufficient. By emphasizing the value of quality products from a trusted brand Adidas is able to maintain its brand essence. At the same time, over the years Adidas has been known to give the best products in the market which are always comfortable, beyond normal and long lasting. The adidas brand is relentlessly focused on innovation and newness in footwear, delivering cutting-edge technologies that help athletes make a difference in their game, life and world. Despite Nike’s market dominance, Adidas has continued to make its presence felt as a very strong player in sports shoes and apparel industry. In addition, franchises are prioritized throughout the value chain, building on the company’s strategic choices of Speed, Cities and Open Source. Your email address will not be published. By constantly developing desirable products and inspiring experiences, the brand strives to build a strong image, trust and loyalty with consumers. The Training category is the adidas brand’s largest performance category and is also the apparel engine of the brand. Your email address will not be published. adidas opened both factories together with Oechsler in 2017. And what is internal (Business Purpose) Mission and external (Business Purpose) Mission? To lead in the sporting goods industry, we believe it is a must to lead in the world’s most popular sport, football. December 15, 2017 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing strategy articles. While Adidas and Reebok each have unique identities, heritages, technologies, designs and reputations, the strategic principles and methods for driving future sales growth and profitability improvements are common to both. Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, Mission in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, Competitive advantage in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, BCG Matrix in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, Distribution strategy in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, Brand equity in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, Competitive analysis in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, Market analysis in the Marketing strategy of Adidas, Customer analysis in the Marketing strategy of Adidas. Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades of accumulating sports science expertise, the adidas brand has developed a truly unique and comprehensive sports offering. The Adidas group has four brands in its strong portfolio – Reebok, Adidas, Rockport & taylor made meant for different segment customer groups. There are three overarching roles: ‘Lead’, ‘Grow’, and ‘Authenticate’. Only by identifying and understanding consumer’s individual motivations and goals for doing sport, their lifestyle, their fitness level, where they are doing sport and their buying habits will help them in creating meaningful products, services and experiences that build a lasting impression and brand loyalty. Adidas marketing mix promotional strategy is to use a 360 branding strategy covering all aspects of media and communication. User & benefit based positioning are the strategies Adidas uses to create distinctive image in the mind of the prospective consumer.

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