[26] Other individuals have also referred to the city's waterways as a sixth borough. The boroughs of Queens and the Bronx have the same borders as the counties of the same name. The high-rise elegance of Park Avenue and the Upper East Side rapidly gives way to the teeming streets of Harlem to the north and to the crowded bohemian existence of the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village to the south. [29][30][31] In 2011, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg referred to the city's waterfront and waterways as a composite sixth borough during presentations of planned rehabilitation projects along the city's shoreline,[32][33][34][35][36][37] including Governor's Island in the Upper New York Bay. [50], Hypothetical, fictional, or satirical political division of New York City, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, "Sixth Borough Yonkers, Scarsdale, Fort Lee, Jersey City, Hoboken, Nassau County, Rockland County, S", "The 32 Sixth Boroughs of New York City, According to the 'Times,' in Order from Worst to Best", "ADDING OF YONKERS TO CITY IS SOUGHT; Alderman Jacobs Says He Will Present Bill Seeking Merger as a Sixth Borough. [1] The limited powers of the boroughs are inferior to the authority of the government of New York City, contrasting significantly with the powers of boroughs as that term is used in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, where a borough is an independent level of government, as well as with borough forms used in other states and in Greater London.[2]. Ultimately in 1914, the present-day separate Bronx County became the last county to be created in the State of New York. The five boroughs of New York City are listed below. In China's instance, it is referred to as the "sixth borough" by some media because many Chinese companies invest in developments in Brooklyn, such as Pacific Park. Executive functions in New York City are the responsibility of the Mayor of New York City, while legislative functions reside with the New York City Council. As of 2016, the population of New York City was estimated at 8,537,673. [41][42][43][44] Some have even disputed inaccurate reporting about Philadelphia by New York-based reporters. Our latest podcast episode features popular TED speaker Mara Mintzer. For the English boroughs controlled for a period by the Vikings, see. Borough presidents now also serve as conduits of neighbourhood concern to the mayor, the city’s chief administrator, and are responsible for appointing members of community boards, the City Planning Commission, and the Board of Education. [5][1], In 1934, a bill, submitted by a New York City alderman Elias H. Jacobs, proposed merging Yonkers into New York City as a sixth borough. Kenneth P. Thompson"), they are technically and legally the district attorneys of New York County, Kings County and Richmond County, respectively. [14][15] After Mayor Bloomberg called for the 7 Subway Extension to continue to Secaucus Junction, a feasibility study was conducted and released in April 2013. Although fully linked to the metropolis by railroads and such bridges as the Robert F. Kennedy (1936; formerly called Triborough), Whitestone (1939), and Throgs Neck (1961), the South Bronx became a place to leave as quickly as possible. Puerto Ricans won political power when they elected Herman Badillo as borough president; they later sent him to the U.S. Congress. The population was rising by the mid-1990s, and the upper-class enclaves of Riverdale and City Island once again ranked as sought-after housing areas for the city elite. Sort out the facts and test your knowledge of the USA. Wall Street, the financial centre of the globe, was originally a Dutch fortification (1653) against feared British or Native American attacks that never came. Queens is one of the most diverse places in the world. More than 30 million tourists visit New York annually, but most of these rarely see much beyond the 22.6 square miles (58.5 square km) of Manhattan island, the smallest city borough. The other three counties are named differently from their boroughs. Some civil court judges also are elected on a borough-wide basis, although they generally are eligible to serve throughout the city. Hundreds of thousands of “outer borough” residents and suburbanites work in and travel to Manhattan every day, in one of the great marvels of urban planning. ", "Brooklyn businesses head for the sixth borough: China", "UConn's Ticket To Power Five Conference Goes Through New York", New York (Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sixth_borough&oldid=968631008, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 July 2020, at 15:18. Because the five district attorneys are, technically speaking, state officials (since the counties are considered to be arms of the state government), rather than officials of the city government, they are not subject to the term limitations that govern other New York City officials such as the mayor, the New York City Public Advocate, members of the city council, or the borough presidents. The term is currently used in six states: A type of municipality: Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania (also formerly Michigan and Minnesota); A subdivision of a consolidated city, corresponding to another present or previous political subdivision: New York and Virginia It is the original New York, boasts the world’s largest collection of skyscrapers, and is overloaded with cultural institutions and places of enduring interest. [29][30], Places outside of the New York metropolitan area that are home to large populations of former New Yorkers have also been referred to as the "sixth borough", including Philadelphia;[31][32] Miami, and South Florida in general;[33] Los Angeles;[34] and, outside the continental U.S., Puerto Rico and Israel. East Harlem is Hispanic, as is Washington Heights, but the two are separated by Black Harlem and the academic bastion of Columbia University on Morningside Heights. A borough in some U.S. states is a unit of local government or other administrative division below the level of the state. 5. When additional land from the Bronx was added to New York in the consolidation of 1898, the modern borough was created. Fordham Road became a major shopping street, and the Grand Concourse won favour as one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. To the west is Henry James’s Washington Square and beyond that Greenwich Village, formerly a haven for artists but today home to the affluent and professional classes. In no other part of New York are there such stark contrasts between rich and poor. [3], Philadelphia has frequently been cited as a "sixth borough" due to its proximity to New York and the movement of New York residents to Philadelphia for various reasons, including lower rent prices and generally lower cost of living. [19] Land fill has been used to expand Manhattan before, most notably in the creation of Battery Park City, which utilized material from the construction of the original World Trade Center. ", "Commercial Property / The Jersey Riverfront; On the Hudson's West Bank, Optimistic Developers", "In Stamford, a Plan to Rebuild an Area and Build an Advantage", "The Sixth Borough A good look at Hoboken", "Bergen County's Fort Lee: Town With a View", "Fort Lee grapples with questions on future development", "Living In Fort Lee, N.J. Close to the City, but With a Life of Its Own", "Do You Suffer From New York Envy? In the late 19th century it was home to a racetrack where the Belmont Stakes were run until 1889. The first segment of the subway system opened in 1904, and soon all the boroughs were linked except Staten Island. There are hundreds of distinct neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs of New York City, many with a definable history and character to call their own. "Five boroughs" redirects here. While the results of the 1894 vote were positive elsewhere, including in several other adjacent sections of Westchester, which were then annexed to the city and which thus became part of the new borough of the Bronx, the returns were so negative in Yonkers and Mount Vernon that those two areas were not included in the consolidated city and remained independent municipalities. The Brooklyn and Queens borough presidents also appoint trustees to the local public library systems in those boroughs. An ever-growing number of bridges, tunnels, and highways, designed to facilitate commerce, now take, along with the subways, hordes of commuters into Manhattan in the morning and return them home at night. When the western part of Queens County was consolidated with New York City in 1898, that area became the Borough of Queens. Manhattan is the smallest of the five boroughs with an area of 22.8 square miles, but with a population of approximately 1,600,000, it is the most densely populated borough. [39][40][41][42] Fort Lee, New Jersey, in Bergen County, opposite Upper Manhattan and connected by the George Washington Bridge, has also been called the sixth borough. In 2003 the first section of Hudson River Park opened. Jersey City and Hoboken in Hudson County, New Jersey, are sometimes referred to as the sixth borough, given their proximity and connections by rapid transit PATH trains. Elevated rail lines soon entered two new wards of the city, and vast parks were authorized; the modern borough, 42 square miles (109 square km) in area, is still one-fourth parkland. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Bacharach, Jacqueline; and Barrales, Ruben. Millions enter it daily to seek their fortunes, and additional millions come to marvel at their efforts. [31][32][36][37][38][39][40] The nickname has been met with apprehension by both Philadelphia and New York publications.

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