Blucifer Denver: The Legend of DIA’s Killer Blue Mustang Statue

Updated 9/5/18.

If you have ever flown in or out of Denver’s International Airport, you probably have come across the eerie, legendary, red-eyed, demon-horse; Blucifer. Although a stoic statue, this bucking bronco is responsible for the death of his creator and has catapulted multiple conspiracy theories and legends. He has also inspired some pretty cool tank top designs.

Blucifer Denver: From Inspiration to the Artist’s Curse

The official name of Blucifer Denver is ‘Blue Mustang’ but most people know him by Blucifer. And if you don’t know the story behind the statue, we’re about to get into that—but be forewarned, it’s a frightening tale.

The sculpture was created by artist Luis Jimenez, whose previous works are displayed in museums around the country.

Jimenez sculpted this 32 feet tall bronco out of polychromed fiberglass, painted it a vibrant blue, and finished him off with red, glowing neon eyes. Demonic, no?


Jimenez designed Blucifer Denver to represent the spirit of the old American West. But, when a piece of the 9,000-pound sculpture fell onto Jimenez’ leg, severing an artery and killing the artist, ‘Blue Mustang’ went from being an inspiration to being the curse we now know as Blucifer Denver.

Despite the death of Jimenez, the sculpture was finished by family, friends, and the artist’s staff and was finally displayed at Denver International Airport, as planned. Horrified, Denver citizens believed that the statue was cursed. Its red, glowing eyes gave way to nicknames like “Satan’s Steed”, “Denver Doom Horse”, “Blue Stallion of Death”, “DIAblo”, “The Untamed Mustang of the Apocalypse”, and, of course — ‘Blucifer’!

You might have heard that Blucifer would be removed from DIA but luckily, this was just a case of #fakenews. Blucifer isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

The Best Denver Blucifer/Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theories

Many have their own conspiracy theories about the sculpture and some even believe that Blucifer will eventually provide transportation for one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

This particular conspiracy theory stems from a series of books named “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time”, written by Preston B. Nichols.

blucifer denver

Nichols described seeing one of four horsemen of the apocalypse during his time working on the Philadelphia Experiment (invisibility experiments that supposedly led to the teleportation of a full ship and crew). He claimed to have accessed repressed memories from this experience. The connection? The cover of the first edition of his book looks eerily similar to the Blucifer sculpture.

Other conspiracy theories center around the airport itself and have people believing that Blucifer Denver is a symbol of something ugly and dark.

Recently, the Denver International Airport decided to address these conspiracy theories with a series of ads around the airport.

blucifer denver
Source: Denver International Airport

When the airport opened 10 months behind schedule and was way over budget, paranoia spread and Denver citizens began asking questions. Why was it so expensive and why are there so many unmarked buildings that resulted from the airport’s construction?

Some speculated that the airport was built over top-secret subterranean command bunkers for the New World Order. Others pointed to the shape of the runways, claiming that they looked very similar to a swastika.

There have been several attempts to have Blucifer Denver removed entirely from the airport, simply because many consider him to be an eyesore. From petitions to Facebook groups, people have rallied together to rid Denver of this demonic sculpture. Despite their efforts, the city is firm on their stance to keep the statue where it is. To them, Blucifer Denver is a work of art and a symbol of the airport and the city of Denver.

In fact, there are many who truly love the statue. Its persona has inspired local creators to bring Blucifer to life in other forms.

Odd13 Brewing is a brewery located in Colorado that offers up Blucifer in a can. The “Blucifer” oak aged sour stout has hints of cranberries (perhaps an homage to Blucifer Denver’s red eyes!).

blucifer denver

Image Source: Odd13 Brewing

Tanks That Get Around was also inspired by these conspiracy theories and the demonic eyes of Blucifer. Our “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” tank top design comes in a variety of colors, with stylish fits for both men and women.

Unisex / Men’s “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” Tank Top:

blucifer denver

Women’s “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” Tank Top:

blucifer denver

We also have a drunk Blucifer design, for those who didn’t come to Colorado to indulge in cannabis culture.

Unisex / Men’s Drunk Blucifer Tank Top:

blucifer denver

Women’s Drunk Blucifer Tank Top:

blucifer denver

Blucifer Denver; The Legend of the Blue Mustang

No matter what you think about Blucifer Denver, we can all agree that this piece of artwork will forever incite dialogue. So, next time you’re flying into or out of the Mile High City of Denver, give yourself a little extra time to admire the blue monster with blazing red eyes, known by the name of Blucifer.

While you’re at it, grab yourself a killer tank (pun intended) and head down to the Odd13 brewery to throw back a beer or two. Then, make your way down to the Denver International Airport and say ‘hay’ to the legend himself.

Snap an epic pic with the beast, in your shirt, sipping a beer. Whip up a post of this trifecta and share for all your friends to see. Bonus points if you post at 4:20!

Featured Image Credit: Mike Sinko

blucifer denver

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